How Not To Spend a Fortune On Luxury Travel

Everybody likes a little bit of luxury from time to time, some people more, some people less, but we all enjoy feeling special and pampered. And there is no better time to get all of that than vacation. Luxury travel is becoming increasingly more popular and even the people who don’t usually splurge on such things often change their attitude when abroad.

While we have already spoken about the advantages of travelling in luxury, now we want to give you some tips on how not to spend a fortune when doing so.

Finding a great, luxury hotel without spending a fortune is the tricky part. Often potential guests do not know that there are ways to get a better deal. But there are a few ways to get some luxury without emptying your wallet.

1. Firstly, you can turn to the hotels themselves. Sometimes there are special offers for guests booking directly via hotels’ own websites. Nowadays online booking platforms become increasingly popular so the hotels want to take it back to the basics.

2. Glamping is another great way to enjoy luxury on a lower budget, because while it is usually cheaper than normal 5-star resorts it is also definitely a luxurious accommodation and can make anyone feel special.

3. Travelling between high and low season is another great option to save up and still enjoy the beauty of the destination you choose. The fact that there won’t be hundreds of other tourists around you does not mean that the place will be any less wonderful. Often it can actually make the whole experience a lot better!

4. As a booking platform we also want to make sure that our customers can always get the best deal possible, also when choosing luxury hotels. While remaining commission-free all we ask hotels to do is give a discount to the users, so that the offers on our own website are always more attractive to those on the other websites.

So don’t be scared to give yourself some luxury! And when you do decide to take the plunge you can go to our platform and choose from tens of our 5-star hotels! Here are just a few of them:

  • Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, Akitua Island
  • Barvikha Hotel & Spa, Moscow
  • Grand Hotel, Kraków
  • K HOTELS, Square Nine Hotel Belgrade, Belgrade
  • Residenz Heinz Winkler, Chiemgau
  • Saint George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens
  • Smetana Hotel, Prague
  • Tangla Hotel, Brussels
  • The Grand Mark, Prague

… and many many more. All you need to do is choose and enjoy the stay!

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