How to deal with Autumn Depression?

October is nearly over and that means that even the lucky ones start to really feel the upcoming cold months. Some of us react really bad to the smaller amount of sunlight, longer nights and very low temperature. What to do to deal with it? Read on!


There is something about autumn season, especially the beginning of it, that makes you jump to different activities and sign up for everything there is. It’s almost like our brains are yelling at us to take a last chance, because with winter incoming, you won’t be able to do anything. First of all, not true. Second of all, you might explain that, at least partially. Since your brain is programmed to recognize the time, it knows you will have less energy in the winter, so it tries to make you do different things so that you are too busy in the winter time to worry about the weather, cold and everything else.

However, you have to relax as well. It’s not a bad thing that you need to get some rest, it’s perfectly normal. People need different things and you need to listen to your body and what it tells you. Especially with the drastic weather change the autumn season is known for.

Be active!

However, it is not healthy to only relax, even if that’s what your body is telling you. Force yourself to use that gym membership you’ve been paying for, sweat some of your worries away and just enjoy the wonderful exhaustion a good workout can give you. If you are a runner, then splurge a little and get some clothes for running outside in the colder season. However, make sure to check whether the air in the place where you live is healthy enough for running. If you live in Poland, you know perfectly why I am even mentioning this – sometimes the air is so polluted that the evening run might be more harmful than energizing and healthy.

Load up on Vitamin D supplements

Why is autumn and winter season so hard on us? Well, of course, there is less natural light, days are shorter and the nights are longer. As we know, with the sunlight, there comes Vitamin D. So, if there is less sunlight, the vitamin supply shortens. That might make us feel bad, sad, lazy and tired. So, even though I agree it’s better to keep everything as natural as possible, I think it’s ok to use the supplements this time. Just go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for some multivitamin supplement and make sure Vitamin D is one of the ingredients. Add some magnesium and you will feel better. Just remember to keep up with the regularity of taking the supplements, it needs some time to work!

Make preparations

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for fruit especially in the winter. Why? Well, easy – there are less of them, at least where I live. Watermelons, grapes, strawberries – all of that is most popular in the summer or early autumn which makes it more expensive to buy after the season’s end. However, you can prepare for that. If you still have some fruit that will definitely be harder to get in the colder times, buy even more, pack in into containers and freeze. Then, when you have a huge craving for a fruit smoothie in the middle of January or November, you don’t have to pay millions to get some fruit and you will know they are good and tasty. You’ll just grab some of the fruit from the refrigerator and put in the blender. Voila!

Meet up with someone

Yes, I know. How dare I to propose you to leave the house when there is wind and rain outside? Well, I say that in good faith! Try to motivate yourself and just meet up with your friends! Mulled wine, ginger tea, anything you want! Spending time outside your house makes it less possible that you will have time to feel bad. Autumn calls for the delicious spices used with tea, cidre, beer, wine. Besides, time goes faster when you are having fun and spending an evening with your best friends talking and gossiping is definitely a time well spent. Don’t isolate yourself just because it gets colder! Don’t let the low temperature and winds win with you!

Adjust your home

What picture of autumn comes to your mind when you think about it? Is it the view of colourful leaves or rather the world covered in grey colours, with wind, rain and leafless trees? The trick to keep the first picture in mind throughout all of the time is to adjust your home! Buy some candles, a blanket, a pillow or a mug. Put in in the visible spots of your room so that when you come back, you look at everything and you immediately feel cosy. And we all love cosy, that’s for sure!


Of course, there are autumn remedies that you can eat. Look around, there are so many things to cook! Pumpkins, apples, so many amazing dishes to do with one of those products! Of course, there are also less healthy snacks and meals you can try. Mac’n’cheese, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, poutine, hot chocolate – the options are endless. We mentioned them in our article about winter comfort foods, but no worries, you can eat it anytime you want! The thing that matters is that they make you feel warmer, cosier and, in general, just better. 


Of course, we couldn’t miss this point. If you are feeling down, have the budget and time, then hop on a plane and go somewhere, where the weather is better suited to your preferences. There is a lot of places to travel in autumn, and here you can find those that we mentioned. Maybe you have some other places you would like to go? Take a shot and check the flight ticket price – because it’s the end of high season, it might be much lower than what you’ve seen before!

If you already have a plane ticket, but you struggle with finding accommodation, visit our website and let us help!

I really hope my tips were useful for you, but maybe you have some of yours? Let us know if you do, share the info! I’ll be sure to test them out.

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