How to prepare for a trip

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Travelling is absolutely amazing, but preparing for a trip not so much.

There are a million things to remember and another million to pack. So today we will point out a few must-haves, especially if you are going on a longer trip!



Probably the most important thing to remember is preparing all the important papers you may need during your trip. That list includes your ID and passport, all of the visas, insurance and tickets. Make sure you know the law of each country and know exactly which documents you may need while entering it as well as while getting around it.



The second most important thing. Make sure you have both cash as well as some balance on your credit or debit card. And never put all of your money in one bag. If it gets stolen you will end up with nothing.



That includes a map, list of places you would like to visit in each city, a good (but not heavy) guide and preferably  another list – of things you would like to eat! All of that will make your trip way easier to navigate and protect you from wasting your time



If only you have such an option delegate your tasks to your colleagues, and make sure you finish all of your important projects before heading out the door to start your holidays. Of course, while not having to work would obviously be the best option, sometimes it is just impossible. So if you do have to do a little bit of work while on your way make sure you are as safe as possible. Find the best insurance for all off your electronic devices and use internet protection so that nobody hacks your computer while you’re doing your job. SecurityKISS VPN is a great program for that.


Pack smart

Especially if your trip is going to be a longer one, make sure not to over-pack. Pick the clothes that match with everything. Always ask yourself twice if you will really need everything you pack. Remember that you can always simply wash your clothes and save yourself from carrying more than you need. Also remember about a few items that may save you from a lot of trouble, such as an adapter and a power bank, as well as some sort of entertainment for when you can’t use your phone, like a book, or even better – an e-book reader! It can save you a lot of space and keep you entertained during those long flights.


Know your apps

There are hundreds of amazing apps for travellers out there. Some for fun, such as games, some for making your trip easier and more pleasant, such as apps for layovers, planning your trip, as well as meeting local people and finding the best restaurants in your area! The possibilities are endless and they can make your life a lot easier.


Travelling is wonderful, and it can actually be trouble-free if you do it smart! So keep those tips in mind and enjoy the time of your life!


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