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Hurghada – No Pyramids – Just a Small Piece of Paradise

Egypt is a country that is rich in history. But, is it just about the mysterious pyramids and the legends and myths that surround the river Nile? Last week we gave away a trip for two in the 5-star resort hotel the Continental Hotel – Hurghada. So let’s take a closer look at Hurghada…

Introducing Hurghada

Located right on the coast of the Red Sea, just down from the Suez Gulf. Hurghada is relatively easy to get to with direct flights going there from all over the world. It boasts impressive views and beautiful scenery in every direction.

This is a place that is extremely popular with diving tourists. As a consequence, there are many diving schools in operation to take you and introduce you to the wonderful world you can discover when you dive. A quick google search will point in the direction of them all.  If you are an experienced diver then this is somewhere you possibly already know. If you don’t then you should.

Underwater Divers Paradise

As Egypt is a country that is hot, or at least warm, all year round, it makes it a perfect place for divers or all abilities. Hurghada is a popular place for the start of many dives. With an ease of access to some luxury diving spots. You will be able to find a mixture of daily diving as well as liveaboards. Whether you want to go reef diving or wreck diving, or a mixture of the two, Hurghada has it all.

There are two famous wrecks that are accessible from Hurghada on day trips. You have the SS Thistlegorm – a British armed Merchant Navy ship that was sunk in the Red Sea in 1941. This is now a very well known wreck for divers to explore. It has many of the tanks, guns, motorbikes, still in their original places slowly getting turned into a reef.

You can also get to Giannis D a Japanese built ship that was sailed under the name of Markos by a Greek shipping company. It ran into trouble in 1983 and sank just of the Red Sea coast near Hurghada. It has been a popular diving wreck ever since.

Climate and Food

Hurghada, like the rest of Egypt, is warm, if not hot, all year round. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 30℃ (86℉). The coldest month is January at 16℃ (61℉). The wettest month of the year falls (no pun intended) in September with an average rainfall of just 0.5mm of rain. If you want to make the most of the sunshine then you want to visit in August with 13 hours of sunshine.

When it comes to the food, as you would expect on the coast, seafood of all types is popular to use in a lot of dishes. Being a popular tourist destination, as you can imagine, you can find a whole assortment from around the world. Of course, you can find plenty of Egyptian restaurants, as well as, Indian, Asian, Italian and of course Greek. There are plenty of restaurants to explore in and around Hurghada if you can find the time and energy to leave the hotel complex, pool or the warm Red Sea.

Continental Hotel – Hurghada

The Continental Hotel is a beautiful 5-star spa resort hotel. Perfectly nestled into Hurghada bay it consists of 252 rooms and suites offering spectacular views out over the Red Sea. With its own private beach, lush green gardens and extensive leisure and sports facilities, you may never have to leave the complex if you don’t want to.

There are of course what you would expect, swimming pools and water sports available as well as Kids Club playground so the parents get a chance to relax too. You will also find a whole host of Spa facilities and treatments available for you to take advantage of and indulge yourself for a while.

If you are wondering about the food, worry not. With 6 different restaurants and bars to choose from, including an all-day dining buffet, Italian and an Oriental A la carte restaurant you will not run out of options to delight your palate. Then, of course, you can enjoy one of the many bars to wash it all down with.

To book a room or two go to the Continental Hotel page on bidroom here

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