Impact the Planet the Right Way: What’s Important This Earth Day

Our world is beautiful. 

From the ripples of wildflowers bursting through fields that roll by the window on a road trip, to the drops of rain that race down our window pane from the comfort of our bed, or the skies —golden, pink, purple, cloudy, clear and awe-inspiring. 

As travellers we appreciate the world, in fact, we worship it. It’s the very reason we travel in the first place. We take pictures that we share even though we know “you had to be there to really appreciate it”. We save up our holiday days to explore it; snowy slopes in Switzerland in February, the Provence lavender fields in July. We schedule our lives around it. But what do we do for it? How do we give back? 

Our planet is incredibly strong and resilient, but it’s mirroring our impact on it back to us. Everyone hears about it — the Bushfires, the earthquakes, the typhoons or tsunamis. So what can we really do to help?

The key to inciting change starts at a grassroots level: listen, react, and take action. Everything that we do makes a difference; the times we walk instead of taking a cab, the tins we rinse clean of slippery tomatoes and put in our kitchen recycling box, the yoga pants we get from sustainable companies like OGNX — the sustainable sportswear company where Bidroom members get 15% off.

Earth day 2021 

From the 20th of April, we have a chance to listen. Prominent voices like Greta Thunberg are gathering for a 3 day event to push for action against climate change and to discuss the intricacies of this global emergency — for instance, how police brutality, pollution, poverty and pandemic affects our environment through the lens of racial injustices. 

To learn what we can do to have a positive impact on the world, has put together a list of 51 ways to restore our earth. Tune in to their live series with talks such as Women in Leadership: Fighting the Climate Crisis Through Climate Literacy. Compensate for the impact of your last trip with Chooose, the carbon footprint calculator. Find some cool climate action petitions to sign — it’s free and effective. Try out some delicious green-eating recipes. If you can, donate to some projects doing great work for the world. 

To the travellers

Bidroom is a travel club for travel lovers, and one thing we have noticed as a result of the slowing down of the industry in the last year is that our actions as travellers have an enormous impact on the planet. Thus, our mission is to continue to grow our list of sustainable hotels on our platform, and provide our members with greener perks to use while exploring. 

At present, we have 144 properties with the Green Key eco-label, and many of the hotels have awesome green features; rooftop greenhouses, sustainable coffee cafes, and biodegradable shower product packaging. Just look out for the green key label on our search filter or in the image gallery. We also offer our members discounts on eco-friendly transportation — Travel Electric in Amsterdam is an electric taxi service where our members get a 25% discount. Members of Bidroom can rent an electric car with UfoDrive with a 15% discount. 

One of the most important things we encourage you to do not only on Earth Day, but everyday, is to get outside and enjoy this beautiful world that’s at our feet, whether you’re travelling or staying within your 5 kilometre radius. Here are some of our favourite ways to get some fresh air in nature:

  • Go for a cycle
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  • Do some outdoor sports
    Get a 10% discount on Manawa, the booking platform for outdoor activities including diving in the Marthernique, dog sledding in Norway, and Tandem Paragliding on Reunion Island.
  • Try something new
    Go bungee jumping with Highland Fling Bungee in Perthshire or Glasgow and get 10% discount off your experience
  • Outdoor tours
    Eating Europe is a walking food tour company where Bidroom members get 15% off their experience. Fancy slurping spaghetti under the sun in Naples? Take a tour by foot or on a bike with Withlocals. They even offer food tours, and Bidroom members get a 10% discount on their tour. Joe Walsh Tours give Bidroom members 15% off the tour of their choice. Street art or pub crawl? Be Tel Aviv walking tours have something for everyone and Bidroom members get a 15% discount.

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