The Importance of Personalization


As a hotelier, you know the importance of customer service. It is, in fact, the most crucial aspect of your work. You know, that the more you try for them, the more your customers will appreciate your work. If you ensure excellent service, you will get great reviews and returning guests. One of the best ways to ensure that, is by making their experience one of a kind. Today, we will have a closer look at personalization in the hospitality industry.

Why personalize?

This question seems almost too easy to answer. You want your guests to feel special. You need them to feel like you are truly there for them. Even if your hotel has hundreds of rooms, you want each individual customer to feel important. Of course, some properties choose a different approach. Offering the same service to every guest is also an answer. It all depends on your possibilities and the expectations of your target group. If, however, you feel like adding that extra “something” could help your business – definitely give it a try.

How can I personalize my service?

There are many ways to personalize your guests’ experience. One of them is by ensuring there is a special treat waiting for them upon arrival. Depending on the guest it can be chocolate, flowers or maybe even a glass of champagne. That applies, especially to your frequent customers and VIPs. Those are the people you want to compliment the most. Because they are the ones whose opinion may turn out to be the most valuable. Of course, do not undermine the importance of regular customers!

You can also ask your guests about the details they do and do not want to find in their rooms. Some may like white sheets, some prefer black, there will be guests who love coffee and those who prefer tea. Asking a few simple questions may change the entire way they perceive your property. Listen to your guests and adjust your service to their needs.

Even simply remembering them and their names immediately change their approach towards you and your property.

Bidroom and personalization

Here at Bidroom we support personalization. We know it is a tool that the hoteliers use to please their guests. It is an important part of their work and we’ve decided to include it in our platform. That is why the hoteliers who sign up with Bidroom do not only get to set their discount percentage and choose the one that suits their business best. They can also choose from an array of additional benefits for their customers. Whether that is a basket of fruits or complimentary breakfast – the hoteliers can choose what their customers need.

If you are interested in starting your journey with our platform go to our website and start saving on your every reservation!

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