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Istanbul – A City Where History and Elegance Meet

Istanbul is a city full of culture and wonder. It is a breathing history around every corner. Once the gateway for the Ottoman empire. Let’s take a look at what is on offer there. What can be done while staying? Perhaps, what cannot. Welcome to Turkey and TomTom suites in The Old Franciscan House, right in the heart of the city.

I was sat here this morning trying to work out what I could write about Istanbul. What is there that hasn’t already been written? If you do a quick google search then you will see that there are so many different points of view on this city, that there is barely anything left to say.

However, I am going to my absolute best to write, at least something, that hasn’t been said before.

Welcome to Istanbul

Having never actually been to Istanbul, you might think it is hard to come up with some unique perspectives, perhaps you are right. Let’s start with the basics. Istanbul is rich and culture and history. When you start to look at this city you realise the immensity of the history and diversity of such a history.

Once the centre point of the Ottoman Empire and as such the original architecture you can see everywhere you look, reflects that. It was, has been and always be a city of multiculturalism. A city that has been host to many religions for centuries.

Perhaps, one of the few places in the world where you can find temples of the world’s major religions all on one street. Synagogues, Mosques and Christian churches have prevalent here since the dawn of time as we know it today.

There is, however, a completely new side to the city. You can just as easily find a skyscraper in Istanbul as you can find a traditional building. Even the traditional buildings have influence from all over. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian and of course Turkish.

A City to Explore

Istanbul is a city you can explore for days, weeks, and even months and still find somewhere you haven’t been to or seen, before. Everywhere you turn there is another snippet of history waiting to teach you something.

This is, in my opinion, the reason that so many people have been to visit Istanbul, or in a lot of cases, have moved there to start a new life. With close to 20 Million people now living there, it is a city of pure vibrance and one that you will most likely find, never sleeps or disappoints.

Of course, the closest airport does, in fact, consist or two. Those two airports, Atatürk Airport (IST / LTBA) which is the closest airport at just 18 km, and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. I will present you with a slightly longer of 51 km.

Transport and Tours

The public transport in Istanbul is known to be very good. The subway is quick, on time and well run. You can grab tram across the city or, the water. There are boat trams in operation that can take you from Turkey to Europe and back again with ease. If you are really stuck, then you may be happy (or not) to learn that Uber also operates in Istanbul.

These transport systems allow you the freedom to really explore as you like. There is so much to choose from. As a city of 20M, you would expect it to offer up a decent amount and it does not disappoint. 

There are; cruises and water tours, Shopping galore with some of the most high end fashion (just be aware that there are a lot of fakes in Turkey), Flea Markets, Street Markets, Nature and wildlife areas, museums, water parks, amusement parks, sea life centers and of course traditional Turkish dance and music shows. Phew!

Tomtom Suites – Bogazkesen Caddesi

Tomtom Suites is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the world. Located in the Galata district in a historic building Tomtom suites will not disappoint. Every room in this hotel has its own private spa bath and consist of luxurious Carrara marble bathrooms.

High original ceilings and beautiful wooden floors will really make you feel a little like royalty. Each room also comes equipped with free WiFi access, docking stations and of course tea and coffee makers.

Once clean and relaxed, you can enjoy the glorious Marmara Sea and Sultanahmet views from the roof terrace. The a-la-carte Nicole restaurant offers a modern interpretation of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines and the menu changes every six weeks to keep it fresh and in season. Contemporary Mediterranean cuisine all served on a chic terrace with a magnificent view of the Old Town, Prince Islands and beyond.

If you haven’t been before then there has never been a better try. Visit their own site here or go and get the best online rates right here at Bidroom

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