Giada, an Italian blogger, talks Krakow

Giada Pappalardo is an Italian blogger, who visited Krakow for a few days back in February. We took the opportunity and recommended the best places to show Krakow’s variety of cultures and vibes. We talked to Giada and asked her about the trip – what did she see, what did she love and what surprised her. Read on to see her impression of Krakow.

Hi Giada! It was super nice to have you here in Krakow for a few days. Was it your first time visiting Krakow?

Hi! I’m very glad I got the chance to come and see Krakow. Yes, it was my first time in this city.

Photo by Giada Pappalardo

How did you like Krakow in general?

I loved it, truly. All of the parks, the one in Podgórze, the one that goes around the Old Town, both of them are special and super pretty. Another thing is the architecture – all of the medieval churches, the blend between buildings from centuries ago and modern skyscrapers, that mix is one of a kind as well. Also, the polish people are super nice – their mood, happiness and excitement are great. No matter if I was just walking around the city or sitting in a polish restaurant (everyone should try the polish food, it’s exceptional!), the people everywhere were helpful and nice.

And what was the thing that you liked the most? Was it one of the districts, the atmosphere, the people?

From all the things I’ve seen during these couple of days in Krakow, the most exceptional was definitely the architecture. All of the special places, Wawel Castle, Mariacki Church, the Cloth Hall, their style and the state they are in after all these years – beautiful. They carry so much fascinating history and can literally take you back in time to the moments where the kings were living in Krakow. Outside the Old Town, there is also a gem of a district – Kazimierz. Completely different from the Main Square and the Old Town, it is another trip back in time and into a different place. The energy of this place just makes you want to see all of it.
Of course, let’s not forget about Krakow’s restaurants. I’ve been to a few of them and each one of those was special in its own way. It’s so great that in one city there can be so many different special restaurants that you can just fall in love with. Everyone is able to find a place for themselves, that’s for sure.

Photo by Giada Pappalardo

What Surprised you the most during this whole trip?

To be completely honest, I was surprised the most about the food. I actually didn’t expect it to be so good. However, the restaurants I was in were making sure that the food is both traditional and modern – a perfect blend if you ask me. I don’t think I’ve tried enough of it, but I would love to eat more of the polish delicacies.

Would you recommend visiting Krakow to your followers and to travellers in general?

Of course! Krakow has a soul that I think everyone should see. The calm attitude, the style of the city – I’m sure every traveller should visit this city at least once in their lifetime.

Photo by Giada Pappalardo

And, the last, but not least. Please, finish this sentence for us – When you arrive to Krakow, you simply have to…

walk around and discover all of the secret places, taste the typical food, try all of the spots that the locals recommend.

Thank you and, hopefully, see you again soon!

Thank you so much!

You can find Giada on Instagram just here

Thank you to Giada for sending us her photos of Krakow!

Photo by Giada Pappalardo
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