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Llanes -A Traditional Gem On The Northern Coast of Spain

Spain is a country that attracts millions of international visitors every year. But there is more to the country than the Costa Del Sol and Marbella. Away from the west and South coast, there are lush green hills, even more amazing beaches, Cider, National parks and a water sports adventure playground. In Llanes, you will find Hotel Miracielos. Welcome to Asturias..

Welcome to Llanes (Y-an-es)

Settled in the hills of Northen Spain, Llanes is well known to the people of Spain, but perhaps not so much to the international tourist trade. This is something that makes it all the nicer. The closest airport is Santander Airport (SDR). With a short 92 km car ride to Llanes, it makes this picturesque Spanish village relatively easy for us all to get to.

In the summer holidays in Spain, Llanes is somewhere that the people of Spain turn to when they do not want to go abroad. With hidden beaches all along the beautiful coastline, you can enjoy a huge variety of coastal activities such as; Caving, coasteering, surfing, stand up paddle surfing, sea kayaking, water skiing and wakeboarding to name but a few.

Activities For All Tastes and Sizes

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, there is plenty for you to do. With a couple of surf schools for you to get in contact with via a quick search, you can always try your hand at surfing. If this doesn’t suit, you might want to consider trying out some paddle boarding. This has become increasingly popular over the last few years as it is easier and quicker to get going for most people.

Of course, if you are not really a water person and prefer to stay dry, you are still spoilt for choice. There are places you can go on horse trekking trips for example. Alternatively, if you are a golfer you can check out Golf Municipal de Llanes. As a fine looking 18 hole golf course with a cool coastal breeze, you are sure to not be disappointed.

One of my favourite things to go and see when visiting Llanes is the inland beach. Situated 100m from the coast, this beach is fed by underwater tunnels of natural formation. With a small beach covered on three sides by rock formations, it is like stepping into your own little Robinson Crusoe set that you can actually swim in.

Climate and Food

As you would expect from a Spanish coastal village, there is plenty of fish and seafood dishes available to delight your pallet as it were. Along with that, you can, of course, find all the Spanish dishes you know and love; Paella, Tapas, Tortilla Espanola and Gazpacho. There is, however, a dish that is famous across Spain that originates from that region and that is Fabada.

Fabada, or Fabada Asturian, to give it its full name, is a bean stew traditionally made in the region and sold across Spain ready made. It consists of White beans, Chorizo, Shoulder of Pork and Black pudding. It sounds mouthwatering but is best served as a winter dish and is definitely not for anyone on a diet.

All of that can be washed down with a real Spanish Sangria. Or an alternative is to try the regional Cider. This is also famous across Spain. With a special way to pour it, you can attend a festival of Cider held every year to learn how. We wrote about it in our Spanish week recently and you can read about it here

Cider Festival

As for the climate, it is hot of course in the summer, but not as hot as it is in Southern Spain. Llanes is known as somewhere that sees significant rainfall over the year. Even the driest month there is rain. The driest month of the year is July, but go in November and expect an average of 109 mm of rainfall. August will give you the hottest month with average temperatures of 20℃. January will give you, on average, just 8.9℃.

Hotel Miracielos

The Hotel Miracielos is a 3-star hotel just meters from the beach. You can walk there in just 2 minutes. From the grounds of the hotel you can see not only the beach but if you look south you can see the mountain ranges of Picos de Europa, which is also a National Park of Spain.

The Hotel itself is a family hotel, where you can find a personal and friendly service that will help you discover the delights of the hotel and the surrounding area. You can enjoy your breakfast, without schedules, on a covered terrace area while looking out to sea.

There is free WiFi in every room and also in the common areas. You can also enjoy a custom check-in where you will find information on the activities and places to visit in the area. You can choose a room or you can enjoy a piece of privacy by booking one of the apartments. Book an apartment and you get a space in the garage with direct access to all the apartments via a lift.

To book a room or an apartment at Hotel Miracielos book via Bidroom for the best prices available. Here

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