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Movie Trip – in the Footsteps of the Story

A movie can be special for many different reasons. Sometimes, the script is so good you can’t believe it. Another time, the actors take your breath away. Often, however, it is the location of the movie that is so beautiful, you dream of seeing it. We’re here to help you plan the perfect movie trip.

Harry Potter

Everyone is familiar with the adventures of this young wizard and two of his best friends. However, do you know the locations in which these movies were shot? If you want to take a Harry Potter themed movie trip, we can recommend Alnwick Castle and Christ Church. The first, located in Northumberland, is the castle that used to be Hogwarts in the movies. The other one is a church in Oxford, which the filmmakers used as an inspiration for the Great Hall. If you walk around the church, you’ll also see the staircase that actually leads to the Great Hall.

Lord of the Rings & Hobbit

Another movie that enchanted its audience with the views is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Shot in New Zealand, it made the viewers and fans wish to be there and experience the country’s beauty by themselves. The main locations we would say are worth visiting, are Matamata, Kaotoke Regional Park, Mt Ngauruhoe and Twizel. They were the locations of Hobbiton, Rivendell, Mount Doom and Gondor. Going there, you can either imagine yourself living next to Bilbo Baggins or see the place where Elrond used to live. You can visit the location of the Pelennor Fields and the one place the Ring could be destroyed – who wouldn’t like to see that crooked top of the Mount Doom every fan of the movies knows so well?

Movie Trip

La La Land

Moving to North America, let’s firstly talk about the City of Dreams – Los Angeles. The location of the musical, the place where all of your dreams come true, is something many of us want to see. The movie glorifies the city and shows it as the one spot that gives you everything you need to achieve success. We can also see the must-see places of Los Angeles like the Hollywood sign, Warner Bros. Studios, Griffith Observatory and Mt. Hollywood Drive. All of them allow us to fall in love with this dreamy, colourful picture of the City of Angels. On the other hand, does the city so magnificent even need the movies to convince people to visit?

Da Vinci Code

If you prefer to follow the steps of non-fantasy story, we can recommend Robert Langdon and Da Vinci Code. The locations in this movie are actually very popular – they are one of the most touristic places of Paris. What do we have in mind? The Louvre Museum, of course, is something one mustn’t miss on their trip to the City of Love. It is actually the biggest art museum in the world that gathers works of art from all over the world. It is also one of the few places to show us the changes all throughout the history of art. Other places? Church of St. Sulpice, Montmartre and Chateau de Villette. All of them played a major role in the movie, whether it was the place where the Opus Dei monk Silas has stayed, where the line of the Rose was found or where Robert Langdon and Sophie met Leigh Teabing. If you’re a fan of this movie, you will certainly recognize these places!

Movie Trip

Mamma Mia!

Moving back to Europe, we now want to focus on this musical movie starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, etc. Whereas the critics were divided whether the film is campy but good and full of fun or just simply horrible, the one thing it has done well is showing the Skopelos Island and its beauty. Donna’s hotel, built in the style typical for this country, the Aegean Sea, nature and sun – everything that we mentioned is simply astounding and makes you want to take a movie trip to Greece and just dance your problems away on one of the beautiful, sunny islands.

Call Me By Your Name

The most recent movie mentioned in this article and one of the frontrunners of this year’s Oscar nominations enchants the viewers with the Italian landscapes. Want to see the beauty of the locations by yourself? We recommend visiting Lombardy. The movie was shot in many places, but the ones you shouldn’t miss are Crema and Bergamo. Both of them located in the northern part of the country, their beauty lies in the small town atmosphere. Maybe by size, they cannot compare to Rome or Milan, but after taking a movie trip to Bergamo’s Città Alta and seeing Crema’s landscapes, you will fall in love.

Movie Trip

Bridget Jones’ Diary

The movie closest to us. Why? It is a story about an average woman, who lacks confidence, wants to fall in love and be successful. By watching her dealing with everyday problems we can totally relate, cheer up and smile – that is the power of Bridget Jones! As to the locations, the movie was shot in London, so you can easily feel the city’s charm through the screen. If you’re thinking about a movie trip to some of the film spots, we can recommend the Globe Pub on Bedale Street and the Royal Exchange Buildings in Cornhill, London. They mark the most important spots for the movie – Bridget’s apartment, which allows us to get to know her and the spot of the big finale when Renee Zellweger’s character gets the man of her dreams.

Sex and the City

Are you a Samantha of your group? Or maybe a Carrie? I consider myself someone between Miranda and Charlotte, but no matter who you are, the New York City magic probably got to you one way or another. Thanks to the Sex and the City, we are all familiar with Manhattan its atmosphere of luxury and success, fancy restaurants, boutiques where most of us can only dream to shop in and clubs with the iconic Cosmopolitans. However, the movies also showed us China Town, New York Library and the famous yellow taxis. Do you feel the urge to take a little movie trip to the Central Park, Times Square and the whole amazing city of New York? We understand fully. People wouldn’t call it the Capital of the World without reason.

Movie Trip

We hope that this little guide to the different locations helped you or inspired you. Whether you are a fantasy fan, a romantic comedy lover or you like crime stories, there is always a route to take for your movie trip. Do you have your favourite movie locations that you want o visit? Let us know!

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