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A Roundup of the Top 5 Naturist Beaches of the World


Although it is still frowned upon in many places in the world, casting aside your clothes and enjoying the freedom of being nude in nature while being surrounded by people of a similar mind has been popular for a very long time. Welcome to the world of the Naturist.

Made socially popular back in the 1880’s, yes that’s right, the prudish Victorians lead the way in stripping off and enjoying the feeling of skin against nature, Naturalism has become ever more popular of late. It had a big revival around the world in the free love era of the 60’s which saw a worldwide awareness like never before and saw the rise of not only beaches
(free beach movement) but dedicated resorts and even towns!

Their popularity continues today with a new movement of freedom, free love and spirituality and so I have decided to give you a roundup of the best places in the world to go and give it a try if you should wish. Enjoy the read and most of all, if you choose to give it a try, then enjoy the feeling of freedom and the wind against your skin. Good luck!


Red Beach, Crête, Greece

Red beach is one of the most well known in the world. A secluded nude beach with rusty red, coarse sand and beautifully clear water. You can only get there via a 20-minute walk along a dirt track from Matala but once you get there you will be delighted to caves, ancient ruins and sandstone cliffs. The beach was made famous back in the 1960’s when hippies from all over Europe began arriving there to experience the tranquillity and rustic charm of this 300-meter-long Grecian beach.

Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia

Valalta also became famous in the late 60’s and is now a much-loved naturist beach and nudist campsite. Once there you will find yourself surrounded by idyllic vineyards and olive trees along with an excellent view no matter which direction you are looking! The beach itself is 3.2 km long with sandy parts and more rocky parts. The best thing is the intimate coves (no pun intended) which you are free to explore, as well as the brilliant blue water to cool off in. Valalta is the only naturist harbour in the Adriatic Sea.


Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

So-called Wreck Beach as it was named after the wrecked vessel that used to lie on its sands, Wreck Beach was Canada’s first ever government sanctioned, clothing-optional beach. What is the difference between fully naturist and clothing optional? I think you can answer that one for yourself. The 4.8 km beach is beautiful, even though it is just 15 minutes walk from central Vancouver and only accessible by foot. Wreck Beach is fairly popular with the students of the nearby University of British Columbia and it is North America’s largest nude beach. Well worth a visit if you are ever anywhere near.

Cap d’Agde, South of France

This is a town with a difference. Cap d’Agde is open to nudists, which means you can freely wander around the whole town, not just the beach, and feel completely at ease as you do so. In the summer months, the town population can grow to around 40,000. You may find yourself shopping, eating in a restaurant or sightseeing for the day. You should always be aware that most people around you will be proudly wearing their birthday suits while you do so. Two words of advice if you go; 1. The locals tend to keep everything well trimmed and neat ‘down there’ 2. Be aware that if you go for a walk in the natural sand dunes, you might come across activities that would not be good for children. This little French town can get quite hot and sticky at times.


Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort is the last of our roundup and one of the best saved till last. At this exclusive and dedicated to naturism, luxurious 5-star seaside resort, you will find 45 beachfront suites. Here visitors will eat, drink, relax and bathe in the nude. It is designed entirely for naturists and the adults only resort staff recommend carrying around a towel at all times just to sit on. You can experience dances, spa visits, and explorations along Mexico’s Mayan Riviera are all offered in the all-inclusive package. An added bonus is the fact that you get access to some of the best beaches in the area.

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