New Beginnings at World Travel Market 2014

Every year there is one special travel event industry professionals and representatives alike are looking forward to: the World Travel Market. In the first week of November over 50,000 global travel professionals will flock to the capital city of England to exhibit, demonstrate and enlighten each other about their brands and services. For Bidroom this year will be extra special.

After months of developing and refining, Bidroom will be launching a new hotel booking platform that will disrupt the playing field of major online travel agents by charging as little as 2% commission to hotels. And the best part? No contracts with restrictive clauses concerning rate parity. With Bidroom hoteliers remain in full control of their inventory and rates.

How are major OTAs affecting hotels?

For years the three giants of the online travel industry (Priceline, Expedia and TripAdvisor) have been roaming the lands, pushing down the margins of hotels and pillaging as they see fit. The numbers don’t lie. In 2013, Priceline’s had roughly a third of market share in the European OTA market, whilst its competitor Expedia controlled over 40% of the U.S. OTA market. With each major OTA charging hotels up to 25% commission, hotels are seeing their revenues dwindle while their brands are being hijacked for search engine purposes. It’s high time someone rose up against the giants. That’s where Bidroom comes in ‒ a unified booking platform with honest commissions.

What does Bidroom offer hotels?

We’ve mentioned the brand hijacking and the sky-high commissions, but that is not all. With traditional OTAs, hotels run the risk of being entangled in contracts that put severe restrictions on their pricing and distribution. Bidroom does not require hotels to enter in such agreements. Moreover, we have managed to circumvent OTA rate parity requirements by creating a private community in which users need to log in before gaining access to exclusive discount hotel rates. It is this private environment together with our 2% commission that make it possible for hotels to offer competitive rates to guests. With ever more price-sensitive customers looking for a hotel online, this business model allows both Bidroom and hoteliers to flourish and take full advantage of the rapid growth of online booking without resorting to exploitative practices.

What’s in store for Bidroom?

Coming December we will be launching our improved website for guests all over the world firstly targeting the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin. As we continually strive for transparency, flexibility and efficiency, the new website will allow guests to quickly compare real-time prices of all major OTAs to reassure them they are getting the best deal on Bidroom. Guests will also be able to book directly with hotels using Bidroom Direct and filter hotels with advanced settings.

Shortly afterwards, we will launch a mobile application that will cater to the needs of on-the-go travellers to whom simplicity and ease in booking has become paramount. In keeping with these needs, a multi-lingual website will be developed to target a global audience. Additionally, hotels will reap the benefits of our user-friendly administration panel and the introduction of a group accounts and channel manager. Our group accounts manager will be especially interesting to hotel chains who will be able to manage different locations in one panel, whilst our Bidroom channel manager will make it even easier for hotels to manage their hotel distribution and pricing. By the end of June, we plan to be active in every city on the globe and making the world of online booking a little bit better for both hotels and guests.

The founders of Bidroom will be at the World Travel Market to talk about Bidroom on November 3, 4 and 5. Come join Michael and Casper by getting in touch at

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