New partners for us, new deals for you

This month more companies that like what we do have joined our travel revolution. And we must say, we like what they do too. So get cosy, spread a comfy blanket over yourself on the couch and start finding more reasons to love Bidroom *cough* THE MEMBERSHIP PERKS! *cough*

Gettin’ Around ?

Avis – up to 15% discount for car rental

Avis can literally take you anywhere you need to go. It’s perfect for that freedom you want on your trip. Rent the car, roll the windows down and cruise along the coast of wherever just like the dreamlike movie sequence you’ve always imagined. 

Marcel – 15 EUR discount for first ride (carbon-neutral cars) Paris only

Worried about the environment? Conscious of our impact? Us too! Use Marcel to get around Paris! They are an e-taxi service that’s got 100% CO2 emission offset to tackle environmental upset or and we 100% love it. 

Everyone’s got baggage ?

Eelway – 5% discount for luggage storage & transfer

Don’t lug your luggage around like a human snail. Use Eelway for storage and transfer to make sure the only thing you have to get to your destination, is yourself. 

Luggage Hero – 3h for free for luggage storage

Exploring a new city? Waiting on a bus, train or a flight? Too much stuff? Use luggage hero to take the weight off your shoulders. Like, literally.

Bagbnb – 10% discount for luggage storage

Check your bag in so you can check out; roam streets, explore museums, get out there without carrying the weight of your world on your back. Cus who needs that? Leave the baggage behind. 

Life Made Easier ?

Rent ‘n Connect – 20% discount for mobile hotspot

Avoid arriving at a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant and getting in that ‘seriously wtf’ mood cus they don’t provide wifi. Use Rent’n’Connect instead, life will be much easier. 

Le BHV / Marais – 15% discount / Paris only

They are the sister of Gallery Lafayette. The stylish way to shop. Go there to experience the desired oh la la moment. 

Viselio – 15% discount on admin fees for visa application (DE, AUT, FR, UK, SE citizens)

Apply for a Visa without the pain of applying for a visa. Sounds dreamy, right? Let iVisa do the process, so you can have the no stress. 

iVisa – 30 % discount on admin fees for visa application 

iVisa take the hassle out of Visa application processes, whether you’re an individual or a company. This partnership will just make your life so much easier, boo. 

Croissant Coworking – 1 week for free + 15 EUR  off the first month

We love working with Croissant because they love working with you! Get in the zone, finish that article, make your spreadsheets and/or get things done in their coworking spaces. And sure, bring some croissants but make sure you share. 

You wouldn’t adopt a puppy just so you could admire it from afar. No, no, no. You need to play with it, walk it, teach it things, introduce it to your friends and love it. Bidroom is the same. We’re not saying we’re a cute little puppy. But we’re not saying we’re not one either. 

For the full list of our partnerships and what you can do with them, click here

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P.P.S don’t forget to check back next month to find out who joined our posse.

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