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Riviera Maya – Perfect Summer Destination

Riviera Maya

Sun, beaches, ocean and cold drinks. Sounds like heaven? No, it’s just one of the most popular summer getaways. Lagoons and cities of Mexico’s eastern coast that invite you to bathe in the sun while forgetting all of your troubles, Mayan ruins that cannot be missed. Riviera Maya welcomes you all!

Tulum Ruins

You cannot go to Riviera Maya and not see the Mayan ruins. That’s simply impossible. If you are wondering where should you go, Tulum is the answer. Once a big Mayan city, considered to be equal in size with Sevilla. When Spanish arrived in Mexico and started their occupation, the Mayans were not able to keep the city in their hands due to the disease that came to Tulum with the Spanish.
What’s interesting is that Tulum was actually one of a few inclosed Mayan cities. It mostly served as a religious centre with the maximum of 1600 people living there at once. However, since the city had three walls covering it, people call it a Mayan fortress. We think that this piece of culture is a must see for everyone visiting Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya


The characteristic features of Yucatan Peninsula are cenotes. They are naturally-made sinkholes with water coming straight from the ground, so it is probably as clear as it gets. In the past, Mayans used the cenotes as their water supply and also for religious ceremonies. Now, it is one of the most popular activities in the Yucatan Peninsula. Choose this original environment for a swim, snorkelling or just your time to relax by the water.
No worries, you can go into the water even if you don’t know how to swim. Most popular cenotes will offer you a lifejacket and snorkelling equipment to rent for your time there. Believe us when we say that it not only a fabulous place to relax but also a beautiful place to just simply see and remember. You won’t see it in any other place, it’s a must-see indeed.


Ensenada is a very popular place to visit while in Mexico, probably due to how close it is from the US border. It is a beautiful port city that will charm you with the views. What to do here? First, take a walk around the city, following the Malecon. It is a sidewalk that leads you just around the streets. You will also find some places to eat there, as now it is more of a touristic place filled with numerous restaurants serving local and not-so-local food to their guests.
After a walk and a meal, we recommend going to El Mirador, the famous lookout that will provide you with unforgettable views. Afterwards, if you want to hide from the burning sun, try one of the small museums in Ensenada. Their size, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the lack of interesting things that you can see or learn about.
Other things to do while there? Visiting local wineries and going to La Bufadora.

Riviera Maya

The Reefs

No matter if you see anything else, one thing that you simply cannot miss while on your trip to Riviera Maya is the reef. Get your travel buddy or go alone and rent yourself some snorkelling equipment. The warm ocean water, the number of different animals that live there and a variety of coral will make a snorkelling or a scuba diving fan so happy. Not only will you swim with them and see them in their natural habitat, but you will also make memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Why? The views you will get while being underwater are something irreplaceable. Add it to your bucket list, for sure.

Isla Mujeres

Located just 30 min of a ferry ride from Cancún, Isla Mujeres is a perfect getaway for a day, if you are tired of crowds and cities. Grab your ticket, cheaper while booking online, get yourself on a ferry and go! You don’t have to worry about time, as you will easily be able to see all of it in a day.
While on the island, you can always rent a motorbike to be sure you check out every place worth seeing. Where to go, however, to have a good time? We recommend Punta Sur. It is the highest peak of the Yucatan, with the ancient Mayan Moon Goddess temple. You can go there to see the beautiful views, nature and to recharge your batteries. While reaching Punta Sur, you will have to go through the parks, that will allow you to bond with island’s nature.

Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen

The nightlife centre of Riviera Maya. Are you in need of a great party that will not end until sunrise? You want to let go, have fun and dance your worries away? Playa del Carmen is a place for you. While Cancún is a centre of general fun-party nightlife, Playa del Carmen will offer you the same amount of fun, but in more refined and classy style.
If you are there and plan on seeing something spectacular, we recommend the legendary Coco Bongo. Not only will you see the amazing renditions of the Beatles and Elvis there, but the shows are so good, they are compared to the original Las Vegas shows!
If you would like to stay in Playa del Carmen, don’t worry, we found the perfect accommodation for you. If you are looking for a great place, Playa Palms Beach Hotel is a place to go.

We hope that this article showed you why Riviera Maya is a perfect getaway. A place for recharging batteries, relax and fun under the sun. We highly recommend!


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