Roads of the World Made to Drive

We put together some of the best roads in the world for you. Some of the most beautiful roads in the World. Take a look and pack your bags!

Are you thinking of taking a road trip with your friends but don’t want the sights around you to be boring?

Here at Bidroom we found the perfect solution for you! We put together some of the best roads in the world for you. Some of the most beautiful roads in the World, so you won’t only be excited by the destination, but by the road itself!

So strap in and prepare to google some of these roads for more information on how you can drive them and enjoy the eye-opening nature they take you through.

Overseas Highway, Florida, USA


Length 107 miles (171 km)
Existed Since: January 5, 1928

Route 163, Arizona/Utah, USA


Length: 64.62 miles (104.00 km)
Existed Since: 1970

Milford Road, New Zealand


Length: 254.4 km (158.1 miles)
Existed Since: February 1940

Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa


Length: 9km (But very dangerous and bendy)
Existed Since: 1922

Ruta 40, Argentina


Length: More than 5000km
Existed Since: 1935

Highway One, Monterey County, California


Length: 655.845 miles (1,055.480 km)
Existed Since: 1934

Route 550, Colorado, USA


Length: 305.104 miles (491.017 km)
Existed Since: 1926

Valley of Fire Road, Nevada, USA


Length: 23.5 miles (37.8 km)
Existed Since: Existed as SR 40 c.1935-1976; Designated scenic byway in 1995

The Atlantic Road, Norway


Length: 8.3 km (5.2 mi)
Existed Since: 7 July 1989

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan/China


Length: 1,300 km (800 mi) Pakistan: 887 km (551 mi) China: 413 km (257 mi)
Existed Since: 1966

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia, USA


Length: 469 miles (755 km)
Existed Since: June 30, 1936

Denali Highway, Alaska, USA


Length: 135 miles (217 km)
Existed Since: 1953

They are our picks. All that’s left to do is pack your bags, get in that car, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Excellent Reads!
    I have visited Karakoram Highway, Pakistan/China & that was Some of the most beautiful roads in the World at that time m feeling like I am lonely on this planet… nice Share Team Birdroon..

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