Rolling Hills and Natural Beauty – Vitsa – Greece

Greece,  a country rich in history. A lot of that history is familiar to us all, for very obvious reasons. Nestled away in the North West corner of mainland Greece is a place called Vitsa. Part of the Zagori villages of Epirus and home to the Kores Boutique Hotel and Spa.

Welcome to Vitsa – Ioannina

Vitsa is one of the largest villages of central Zagori. It was once divided into two villages, Ano Vitsa and Kato Vitsa (upper and lower Vitsa). The village is divided by a chasm. Situated just 37 km far from the city of Ioannina. A nice day trip will take you to Lake Ioannina or Lake Pamvotis. The entire city of Ioannina is built around the lake but it is worth exploring.

The closest airport to Vitsa is Ioannina National Airport (IOA). With a short 37 km drive it is extremely convenient. The houses in Vitsa are all built from traditional stone originating from the Zagori area itself. It gives the entire village a look you would, perhaps, not usually associate with Greece. To me, it looks more like a traditional English village.

The area is of outstanding natural beauty which will enchant all visitors no matter what the reason for your visit. Vitsa is an area of Greece that is steeped in tradition. According to one of our Greek sales team, it is the origin of many Greek traditions. From dances and folklore to poets. The beauty of this area is sure to inspire.

Activities For The Adventurer in You

Vitsa is the ideal place for outdoor activities. It will offer you a thrill while surrounding you in some stunning scenery. For the intrepid explorer in you, you can try out rafting, kayaking, bike riding. hiking and horse riding.

You can also swim in the river which has large pools of good depth. For the offroaders out there, there are companies that offer access to Land Rovers to explore and delight the biggest petrol head. In the winter you can also enjoy skiing in the hills and mountains surrounding.

For the Hikers out there you can walk along the village paths or through the woods and the mountains. Explore nature and rejuvenate yourself looking upon scenes of unparalleled beauty. Rafting? Whether you have done it before or not, it is an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Crystal clear water and the surrounding green natural landscape are sure to take your breath away. And if you don’t hold on, then I that may be literal. With old stone bridges crossing the river at many different places, be sure to take a camera so as to never forget it.

A Hunter’s’ Paradise and Food to Match

Being an area surrounded by hills and naturally occurring streams and rivers originating in the peaks of the mountains, Vitsa is famous for Zagori Mineral Water. You can drink the water straight from the streams without fear and I am assured it tastes incredible.

And the cuisine? Vitsa is a favourable place for Greeks to go hunting. There are plenty of wild animals for the inner hunter in you to go out and catch. This is also something that is served all over Vitsa. The locally caught meat is a delicacy that is served in many ways.

You will also find places serving eel caught in Lake Ioannina. As an Englishman, I don’t find eel particularly appealing but I know many that do. Perhaps eel from a freshwater lake is better. I would certainly give it a try to find out as you just never know.

Kores Boutique Hotel and Spa

Kores Boutique Hotel and Spa is tucked beautifully in the hills of Vitsa. It offers 13 luxurious rooms, all of which have been tastefully decorated. No matter which room you take you will have a wonderful view of the mountains which will make your stay memorable guaranteed.

The hotel consists of three buildings, all of which have been built in the traditional stone of the Vitsa area. This allows them to blend into the natural landscape while setting high standards of aesthetic quality and functionality.

You will find a 24-hour concierge and reception at Kores Boutique Hotel and Spa. This allows you to take advantage of the hotel’s services which includes a babysitting service (upon request). This makes the hotel a very family friendly one and somewhere where the whole family can relax and enjoy the crisp clean air and the stunning surroundings.

For a little more indulgence you can enjoy the Apivita Wellness and Spa. Boasting a magnificent treatment place of wellness and relaxation it includes; Mini Gym, an indoor heated pool, a steam bath (sauna) with balneotherapy, Turkish bath and a special room with douche massage and waterfall showers. You can also spoil yourself with; face treatments, massage, manicures and pedicures, all done using Apivita natural products.

Whatever your reason for a visit, Vitsa and the Kores Boutique Hotel and Spa has it all. A beautiful hotel, surrounded by natural beauty and 5 star lauxury.

To book your stay visit their page on Bidroom or go to them directly.


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