Safe Travel: How to Be Covered on Post-COVID Adventures

Gone are the days where we’d book a trip carefree at the drop of a hat — no planning required other than a list of what should go into our suitcases. Nowadays we’ve got a lot more to think about; the list goes: vaccination, paperwork, face mask, sanitizer, insurance, lockdowns, restrictions, back-up planning. 

Before coronavirus hit, taking travel precautions meant getting travel insurance ‘just in case’ something were to happen — mostly personal liability, an accident, or baggage loss. The danger was so much less significant than it is now post-covid. 

The risk involved is greater today with country lockdowns announced practically overnight, restrictions put in place at an evening’s notice, and the threat of getting sick is the scariest part of all. And that’s on top of the worries we had before from climate change to personal accidents and unforeseen disasters are still present possibilities. 

Travelling as a family unit, a lot of us will find ourselves wondering how we can possibly keep ourselves safe or at least covered in case something unforeseen comes up. 

Solutions to the risk: new products on the market

Thankfully we have solutions far beyond anything we had prior to 2020, and well beyond the times of hotlines and agency appointments. Luckily we have more of the informative and trustworthy online marketplaces, with readily available resources where we can compare and find the right offer for us and our travel companions. 

But it can be daunting when every platform promises the best — how do you know who you can trust when it comes to your safety on your adventures? Whether you are a city breaker, a long stay traveller, a nomadic explorer or a family vacationer, you need to have trust in your supplier. You don’t just place your safety in the hands of anybody.

Bidroom is a club for travel lovers. It’s got that community feel. It’s got the security that comes with the nature of it’s setup as a private club for members-only. 

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Bidroom: The only travel membership with a ‘Safe Plan’ 

With Bidroom, you can do everything from booking the perfect hotel to coverage when it comes to travel insurance and everything in between — trips, tours, luggage storage, you name it. 

With Safe Plan, Bidroom offers you the freedom of booking on a closed platform with better and fairer prices on hotel stays, and protection in a post-covid world. It’s kind of like Netflix for hotels and travel insurance, because you pay your ‘subscription’ and can share your benefits with one person inclusive.

In addition to personal accident and liability cover, personal Covid-related cancellation coverage from lockdowns for when you get sick and are unable to meet travel requirements, to medical coverage, Safe Plan members get exclusive offers on ‘safe’ services like baggage tracking and more. 

Find out how you can sign up for Bidroom Safe Plan here.