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Seven of the Best Cities in Spain

Spain is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula with many islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and even some small territories on the north African coast. It is known not only for it’s beautiful nature and delicious food, but also for being a home to some of the most amazing cities in Europe. Here we will present you just a few of them.


This city, located in the southern Spain  in the region of Andalusia. It lays at the foot of the Spain best known mountains, Sierra Nevada and is definitely a place to see. The best known building in the city is the famous  Alhambra, a castle founded in XIII century. Its white walls and gorgeous gardens are sure to leave you amazed. But it is not all that the city has to offer. Strolling through the Muslim quarter of Albayzín, seeing the famous Puerta de Elvira or watching the sunset over the city from the Mirador de San Nicolás (or even better, from the less known Mirador de San Miguel Alto!) is an unforgettable experience. And when you’re done with sightseeing on every corner you are reminded that Granada is a capital of tapas, with little bars scattered all over the city, that offer not only delicious food but also unique atmosphere. A definite must-see spot on the map of Spain!


Another beauty on our list, this city has been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO to prove it’s worth. Located in the region of Castille- La Mancha it is a mix of Christian, Arabic and Jewish cultures, which can easily be seen in the stunning architecture of this small yet fascinating city. With the palace of Alkazar and the impressive gothic Cathedral as well many impressive churches, mosques and synagogues it leaves you absolutely amazed. The home of the famous painter El Greco as well as a center of the light industry, such as ceramic ware and arms, it is definitely worth visiting.


This fourth largest city of Spain is also a capital of the region of Andalucia. Its name comes from the arabic language, since the city was for centuries ruled by Moors. It was also the place where the famous Christopher Columbus’s trip started. It also has some monuments on the World Heritage Site list. La Catedral de Santa María is one of the largest in the world, with the old minerat – now bell tower La Giralda rising  97,5 meters above the ground. The Catedral used to be a mosque so the islamic influances can be seen inside.

Close to the Cathedral there is a royal palace – El Real Alcázar de Sevilla as well as the Torre del Oro (the golden tower), built in the first half of the XIII century.

The city is very well known for the Plaza de España, where some of the scenes from the famous Star Wars were shot.


This beautiful maritime city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only does it offer its visitors a great climate, but also some gorgeous places to see. One of them is the

Antiguo Cauce del Rio Turia, a fantastic park that goes for miles through the center of the city. Not only does it offer a nice getaway with lots of trees and flowers, but also it gives you a glimse on a beautiful architecture, showcasing many bridges built abouve the river that used to go through the area of the park.

The city is also famous for its basiliques and churches, with the oldest ones built in the XIII century. According to the legends the famous Holy Graal is located in one of the city’s cathedrals. It also has an oceanographic park, created as a great leisure, training and research centre, with over 500 different marine species living in two levels of underwater towers.

And if you come to Valencia try to do it on the 15th of March, where the famous Las Fallas (the celebration of the fire) takes place.


The capital of the province of Catalonia is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Not only is the one of the largest harbour but also a home to some of the most impressive buildings in Spain. The Sagrada Familia is for many people the main reason to visit the city with the unique style of Antoni Gaudi making it incredibly unique. Gaudi also designed The Park Güell a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements. The world’s longest bench is located there, measuring a mere 152 meters. The park has been names a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1984.

See the Gothic Qarter for amazing buildings or the Barcelona’s Palau de la Musica Catalana, also known as the Palace of Catalan Music, a concert hall in the Catalan modernism style for views to take your breath away.

And if you want to see something else than just the buildings? You have La Barceloneta – a fishing district with amazing tapas and Tibidabo is the highest mountain of the region, offering a spectacular view over the city, where you can escape from the crowds and just take it all in.


Salamanca is definately one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The sand colour of most of the buildings, little streets scattered all around the city and many students making the place lively and fun all together create a wonderful place to see. The main square of the city – Plaza Mayor is considered one of the pretties in the country, The Catedral Vieja, the old cathedral from XII century with the gorgeous Torre del Gallo and the Catedral Nueva, the new cathedral in the gothic style are absolutely wonderful, and the University of Salamanca is not only an amazing example of the XIII century architecture, but also the oldest university in Spain, and one of the oldest in the whole World.

What else? Casa de las Conchas, the House of the Seashells, decorated in… well, seashells, the Puente Romano, a roman bridge going above the Tormes river and lots of cozy little streets make Salamanca a place to see.

And as I said before, the nearly ⅓ of the city’s population are students, making it not only a beautiful city, but also a fun one.


Spain’s biggest port city is another pearl on our list. The largest city of the País Vasco has a history dating over 5000 years ago, but it became a city in the year 1300. Some of the most important buildings of the city are Basilica de Begona, that was being built for two centuries, finished in 1620 and later rebuilt in XIX century after suffering damages during armed conflicts, Catedral de Santiago from the XIV century, creating a mixture of architectonical styles or Castillo de Butrón, the fortress located around 20 km from the city center. Also the gorgeous Puente de Vizcaya, the Vizcayan Bridge, linking the towns of Portugalete and Las Arenas is worth seeing, as it has also been names a World Heritage Site.

A must-see spot on the city’s map is definitely the Guggenheim museum. It is modern art museum, built mostly from titanic sheet and glass. Not only is it a home to wonderful exhibit, but it seems to be an exhibit itself, leaving you stunned with its dynamic form.


Of course these are just a few of hundreds or even thousands of beautiful cities of this amazing country, but they are a good starting point of a journey to discover it.

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