‘Slow Travel’: The Hottest Trend for 2022

Have you heard of the term “Slow Travel”? This trend has been more and more prolific over the last few months, you may not be aware you’re even practicing it. Slow travel is all about focusing on the here and now, wherever that may be. 

So often, travel is about rush; ticking off bucket-lists, cramming holidays into long weekends, or jam-packing your holiday as much as possible. And that can be great. But it’s not what travel is all about. We asked Bidroom employees to sum up what travel means to them in a word, and 9 out of 10 of our answers were “experiences”.  

Experiences can happen anywhere — we just need to be living in the moment, feeling present with the end goal of appreciation for life, rather than just getting stuck in that travel rat race where the end goal is a photo dump on Instagram. So, how can we practice “Slow Travel”? Well, we’ve got a list of ways you can start to travel slowly and experience more.

1. Doorstep cities & local holidays

Staycations blew up over the last two years. We began exploring our own countries more. Often, the cities on our doorsteps are the ones we plan to visit “one day”, but usually get left at the bottom of our lists in favour of something more exotic. So, why not make today that “one day” and visit a local city of yours, whether it’s been on your agenda, or since it’s just nearby. Hidden gems are all around us if we’re willing to explore them. 

2. Think eco

One of the reasons the slow travel movement was created was in aid of our planet. By booking ecolabel hotels on your trip, you can help minimize the impact of your trip on the planet without impacting your love of travel. Bidroom offers the widest range of ecolabel hotels online with combinations of greener travel services to personalise your trip, no matter how far you roam. Since the platform is for members only, they can offer better prices too, guaranteed. Not only is greener travel a crucial element of the Slow Travel trend, but also global warming. And Bidroom makes it easier to be greener, trip to trip.

3. Road trips & going “off the beaten track

Make your playlist. Grab the snacks. Invite a good friend and hit the road to, well, anywhere!
As travelers, we can favor capital cities over the runner-up cities  — the second or third most popular destinations. But those cities are where the magic happens, since they usually offer less touristy, more authentic experiences. For your next slow trip, consider exploring the unexplored. 

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