Statement in Response to the CMA Investigations into Big OTA’s


A statement in response to the CMA investigations into Big OTA’s

Recently it has been revealed that some of the major OTA’s such as and are under investigation by the CMA for malpractice. The concerns for the investigation according to the BBC are;

  • How search result rankings are influenced by factors irrelevant to consumers, such as how much commission a hotel pays the site
  • Whether a false impression is created by claims about how many people are looking at the same room, how many rooms are left, and how long a price is available
  • Clarity over discounts, including whether a weekday rate is being compared to a previous weekend rate
  • Whether holidaymakers are hit with unexpected extra charges such as taxes and booking fees later in the booking process

These concerns are not only for the investigation. They are also for everyone that uses these sites on a regular basis or has ever used one at all.

Bidroom would like to take this opportunity to declare openly and publicly that we do not adhere to any of the above practices. We are in fact doing all that we can to make these practices disappear.

We would like to say that at Bidroom we NOT follow these bad practices. In fact, as stated before, we have put things in place to change this for everyone (that uses Bidroom) forever. Below is an outline of the practices we are trying to spread throughout the industry. All that to try to make other OTA sites follow suit and make the industry a fairer place for customers and hotels;

  • Charging 0% commission to hotels
  • Always clearly displaying the rate that the customer will pay on arrival/departure from the hotel at the moment of booking
  • Never using tactics to try to force the customer to book in that moment.
  • Allowing Hotels to have a free ‘book direct’ link on the Bidroom platform
  • Not allowing hotels to ‘buy’ a better spot on the search page
  • No hidden extra costs
  • Always displaying clearly at the time of booking if there are any other charges they might encounter

Bidroom wants to change the practices of the OTA’s. We want to really make a difference to the hospitality industry. Making pricing more fair for the hotels, while at the same time giving the customer the best deal that they can find. Let’s work together to make these practices commonplace within the industry and change it from the inside out.

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