Suitcases of the Future


There is one thing everyone has with them are travelling – luggage. Whether it is one or three suitcases, we never go on a trip without it. However, the luggage develops technologically and right now there are suitcases in the world we would never think of. Let’s look at some of the features of modern suitcases.

GPS and power bank

The most popular “futuristic” components of the luggage are the GPS and the power bank. It is actually pretty common for the newer suitcases. Why is it so useful? Every one of us happens to forget to charge their phone or laptop. If that occurs, your suitcase can help you with it! Right now, the power of the charger is big enough to take your phone’s battery to 100%. As to the laptops, it might not be able to charge it fully, but it will help your computer with working longer. Of course, like every other power bank, this one needs charging too. That is why the suitcases with this feature have also a USB slot to plug them in for recharging.

Digital scale

The common horror of the airport – isn’t my bag too heavy? We all face it at some time, after going on a shopping streak or just buying some souvenirs for closest family and friends. Suddenly, our bag becomes weirdly heavy. Then, we try to weight the bag in the hotel – but sometimes it might not have the scale or it’s broken or we simply forget. This feature lifts the weight of that stress of our shoulders. The suitcase has a scale already inside, so all you need to do is to pack it and close it. Afterwards, the scale will weigh the bag instantly and you will know what is your situation with the overweight luggage. You can program some of them not to let you pack anything more than the weight you will set. That way, you are sure that your check-in at the airport will go smoothly.


Solar Panels

We already told you about the possibility of charging your phone through your suitcase, but now we want to show you another way of charging your bag after using it as a power bank. Right now, you can actually buy a bag that has a solar panel on it! That way, it bag can recharge itself while you are sightseeing. Not only are you free from worrying about whether you will find a socket somewhere near, but also you are being very eco and using solar energy. We think this feature is pretty great, considering how helpful and useful it is for everyone. Just imagine how much easier travelling can become with luggage like this!

Washing machine

A washing machine inside the luggage sounds crazy, but let us explain. We all know the pain of travelling with dirty clothes. Finding a hotel with a laundry room is not something we should worry about. Another technological development for suitcases is making a 2-in-1 backpack – backpack and a wash pack at the same time! The only thing you have to do is to load the bag with the clothes up to 20-40% of the bag’s volume, add water and close the bag. After that, you have to turn the valve and press on the bag to get rid of air and then voila! Shake the bag and rub it for at least 30 seconds, change the water and hang the clothes to dry! With an invention as great as this even you will not have to worry about your laundry even when you are camping in the middle of nowhere.

Smart unlock system

Safety first, we all know that. We also know how easy it is to get robbed while we are walking around in the crowded city centre. The luggage designers figured out a solution to this problem as well. There are a couple of anti-theft features. First, there is a rolled zip. What is it actually? You close your backpack, roll the upper part with the zipper two-three times and that’s it! It’s not possible to access your zip and your bag is safe! The other feature – suitcases that have a fingerprint-only opening system. It works just like you think it does – you have to put your finger on a reader to open the bag. That way, your luggage is completely safe from thieves, as they will have no use of your bag – they won’t be able to open it!


Phone app

Recently, you can do everything via your smartphone. Also, you can buy a smartwatch that will allow you to do things on your phone without looking for it when you are in a rush. One of the new features in modern suitcases actually allows you to connect your luggage with your smartphone! Afterwards, when you are in a rush running through the airport, the suitcase’s handle allows you to do some of the things on your phone without taking it out! That might turn out to be a huge help when you are rushing through the airport and have to quickly call someone. We would recommend this feature for businessmen and people who generally need to keep in touch or simply like new inventions.

Rideable suitcases

Now, something for the people who love being comfortable. Imagine dragging your suitcase throughout the numerous halls – you’ll get tired before you even reach your plane! The inventors figured out the solution – what if you could ride your suitcase? There are suitcases that you can ride on when you get really exhausted or, if you prefer, you can just let it ride alongside when you walk around the city. That might be quite helpful when you are struggling with a lot of luggage – your suitcase will just follow you! And you don’t have to worry about anything else – the suitcase has a system that allows it to avoid obstacles on its way. Dream come true!

We see that world constantly develops and, as you can see, so do travel suitcases! They become more and more comfortable and who knows what they will look like in the future? All we can do is wait and see for ourselves.

If you have one of these kinds of features in your luggage, let us know! And if you are planning to give it a try on a trip, let us help you and visit our website.

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