Best Summer Destinations – Travel Bloggers’ Edition

Summer Destinations

The Summer is officially here! To celebrate, we would like to give you a source of inspiration for your next trip. And who can provide with a travel insight better than a travel blogger! So, for today’s post, we asked our favourite female travellers for their top summer destinations! 


by Elle | Travellingwallflower |

“My favorite destination for the summer are the islands of Hawaii. Although Hawaii is known for its beautiful weather year round, summer months are the best time to visit and enjoy the warm sunshine. If you want a quieter vacation, I would recommend going in the very early days of summer before the kids are dismissed from school. If on the other hand you’re travelling as a family, Hawaii is a great destination to bring children as there are plenty of family friendly activities. There are hikes for all different fitness levels and stunning viewpoints at every corner. Take a stroll through the most beautiful botanical gardens or chase sea turtles in the clearest water. If you’re a beach bum like me, you will be served! Whether you are into surfing, splashing around in the waves or snorkeling, you will find your perfect beach.”

Noone can argue with Elle’s choice. Hawaii indeed is a magical land. The archipelago is the only state of the USA lying in Oceania. It consists of hundreds of islands with eight main ones:  Maui, the Island of Hawaiʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, and Molokaʻi. Each island seems to be a paradise. Blue waters, white sand, incredible green flora and volcanic scenery make it a spectacular place to visit.

You can visit the famous Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park for both amazing views and a bit of an adrenaline rush. If you’re especially interested in beaches and would prefer a laid back vacation in luxurious surroundings try the town of Waikiki. And if what you really need are the views – Na Pali Coast will take your breath away!


by Monica Bejar |

“If you want a dose of art and beauty in a bigger city check out Florence, and while there do yourself a favor and get a pizza at Gusta Pizza, unbelievable good. One of my best tips is to rent a car and drive to the countryside of Tuscany, my favourite area was Val d’Orcia, the views are incredible! Check out as many medieval towns as possible, my favourite were Pitigliano, Pienza and Montepulciano. Eat all the Pici cacio e pepe (pasta with cheese and pepper) you can and do a wine tasting tour. If you need relaxation check out the many natural hot spring, my favourite was Terme di Saturnia. You will not regret it!”

Oh, Tuscany! It is a true classic among Summer destinations. The birthplace of Renaissance and fabulous wineries, as well as a home to some of the most amazing architecture and art in the World!

One of the obvious destinations in Tuscany is Florence.  It is no secret that I am a true fan of this beautiful city. And who wouldn’t be, when this beautiful city has just so much to offer! Duomo itself is enough of a reason to make it one of the stops on the way through Italy’s most famous region. Another must-see destination in Tuscany is Pisa, with its famous leaning tower.

But do not hesitate to visit smaller cities on your trip, like Lucca, Arezzo or Montepulciano, to name a few!

Lake Geneva

Annika | Annieverywhere |

“My favorite summer destination is Lake Geneva. The beautiful Lake is surrounded by charming Swiss and French towns, steep vineyards, historic castles and breathtaking mountains, which makes it perfect for road trips or for sailing from place to place.”

If you are looking for charming towns and incredible sceneries, Lake Geneva can indeed be the perfect destination for you!

France and Switzerland share this gorgeous lake in the shape of a moon (or croissant, as you prefer!). With the Alps rising above it its scenery is truly spectacular.

One of the best-known cities that lie by the Lake Geneva is… Geneva! One of the most important financial hubs in the World is truly worth seeing. With gems like Notre-Dame Church and St. Pierre Cathedral it will not leave you disappointed. Geneva is also the city of diplomacy, due to a large number of international organizations having their headquarters inside of it.

The so-called Swiss Riviera stretches along the shores of Lake Geneva, making it a fantastic summer destination!

On the French side, you can find the amazing spa resorts, gorgeous little towns and, of course, the views to die for!

Caribbean Islands

Keshia | getjetlagged |

“My favourite destination would be one of the Caribbean Islands, Aruba, Bonaire & St Maarten. It’s a peaceful place with beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and delicious caribbean food!”

There is nothing like the Caribbean! No wonder Keshia chose the islands as her favourite Summer escape! The islands she mentions all belong to the Dutch Caribbean. Aruba and Bonaire, together with Curaçao are a part of the ABC islands. Their climate is rather dry and warm since they lay off the Hurricane Alley. That’s what makes them the ideal holiday destination.

Keshia also mentions Sint Maarten. No wonder, with its sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons (The Sint Maarten Simpson Bay Lagoon is actually the largest lagoon of the Caribbeans) and luxury hotels it does sound pretty perfect.

The Caribbean Islands are known for sandy beaches, fantastic weather, colourful cities with colonial architecture and fascinating culture. If that doesn’t sound like one of the best summer destinations in the World, I don’t know what does!

A post shared by Keshia Danso (@keeshiac) on

A post shared by Keshia Danso (@keeshiac) on


Lydia Spencer-Owen | The Jetaway Girl |

“Ibiza is the 3rd largest island in the Balearic Islands and my favourite summer destination…I’m about to tell you why. Ibiza is known for its incredible nightlife and summer club scene, which is beyond amazing. However, did you know about the real beauty of the island? Ibiza has some hidden gems scattered though the island such as a wealth of coves and crystal clear beaches, cute town centres and amazing restaurants. My top tip: Climb up high to witness the infamous ibiza sunset, trust me you won’t want to miss out!”

Who doesn’t love the Spanish islands? They are all absolutely gorgeous. Each island has its own attractions and its special charm. Lydia chose Ibiza, and not without a reason! Firstly, it is true that the island is mostly known for its nightlife. Crazy parties, one wilder than the other, electronic music at every corner and summer festivals you will never forget. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

But Ibiza is so much more than that! Just like Lydia says, its natural beauty will also sweep you off your feet. Apart from that visiting towns like Dalt Vila or the sights like Stonehange (not the original, but a wonderful monument by Andrew Rogers) will make your vacation so much better!

Let us know which destination you like the most!

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