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Valentine's Day

Top 7 Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine’s Day is officially here. While it is one of the most romantic days of the year, it can cause problems. Everything you look at while gift-shopping is perfect, but you can’t choose the best gift? We are here you to help you with it. What do you say to Valentine’s Day trip?

Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival – Biggest Party in the World

Sempre assim, em cima, em cima, em cima, em cima! That is just one of the many songs you will hear now in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Why, you ask? It is the time of year when the samba rules the parties all around the world. Yes, you guessed correctly, it is the time for the Rio Carnival!


Barbados – the Paradise Island

The Caribbean is a true paradise. Sandy beaches, turquoise waters and glorious nature make it one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Such is one of its islands, the Barbados. But apart from the fact that it is gorgeous, what do we really know about it? It is a fascinating, colourful land, with an interesting history and kind, open people. Let’s have a look at its history and some of the many reasons that make it worth visiting. The Brief History of Barbados The origins of Barbados are unique among other Caribbean islands. That’s because it is not volcanic. It is actually a limestone island created by the coral reefs (and still to this day surrounded by them). The Atlantic Ocean surrounds it from all sides, meaning that Barbados doesn’t have any land borders with other countries. But that doesn’t mean there are no foreign influences on the island. For a few thousands of years, it was inhabited by Indian tribes, until the XVI century. That’s when the Europeans first came to Barbados. Without actually …