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Family Holidays – Where and Why?

When you think of traveling, you probably have in mind young people of similar age, friends, couples, etc. However, that excludes families. Since everyone deserves to see the beautiful world we live in, today we want to focus on families. Sit down, relax and enjoy Bidroom’s guide to the best family holidays destinations.


Laponia – More Than Santa’s Home

When asked “What’s in Laponia?” most people will be quick to answer “Santa Claus”! That’s what we’ve been told. And that is the only association most people have with this mysterious land. Many don’t even realise that Laponia is real because the association with Father Christmas is so strong, that seems to be a part of the myth. And while it is not a separate state, it is most definitely real and has much more to offer than a background to a story explaining the Christmas presents. Walk with us through this mostly untouched terrain and learn what truly makes it special.