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Tatra Mountains

Polish Tatra Mountains – Detailed Guide

Many of you probably heard of some of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Poland. There is the city of Kings – Kraków, the business centre and capital – Warsaw and the port city of Gdańsk, a part of the Tri-City. But what if instead of just visiting the largest metropolis you want to see the nature? Or even more, what if you would like to have a glimpse at both? Well, in such case you will have to visit the Polish Tatra Mountains. Not only are they true art pieces of nature, but with the city of Zakopane at their feet, you can get the best of both worlds – long hiking trails with astonishing views, but also fantastic restaurants with local food and busy streets. Let us take you on a trip to one of Poland’s most important natural wonders and its astonishing surroundings.