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A Guide to Italian Delicacies

Italian version below. Versione Italiana di Seguito. When you think about Italy, it’s probably food and architecture that immediately come to mind. Since we have already covered magnificent Italian architecture in our previous articles, I want to focus more on the second aspect. Italian food, also mentioned before, is something the country is internationally famous for. But what’s there besides pizza, pasta, and gelato? Many delicacies!

Tuscany – The Perfect Woman: Beautiful, Intelligent, Friendly and Never Disappointing.

Versione Italiana di Seguito.  Italian Version Below Article written by Federica Margilio While trying to find the “right” topic on which I can develop this article and the perfect words to express it, I found myself lost in all of the anecdotes and stories that should be told. So lost, that I was forgetting the reason that pushed me to talk about my region, Tuscany, which is the unconditional love that I have for it.

Escape The Winter Crowds In The Aeolian Paradise Of Salina

Versione Italiana di seguito. Italian Version below. Article written by Izabela Krzanowska Travelling to Salina Italy is a never-ending colourful journey, where time passes slowly. Today, we are giving you a personalised guide to Salina Island, written by our Italian Country Manager, Izabela Krzanowska, who is also an ex-resident of this beautiful paradise.


Cultural Faux Pas’ Around The World

As we grow up, we learn things that we should do and what we shouldn’t do around other people. It is something that is usually bred into you by your grandmother more than anyone else (or perhaps that was just mine). Cultural faux pas’ are something to think about. Now that we are adults we know all the rules and what we can and cannot do and keep the world spinning in the right direction. Right? 

Autumn Travels – Where and Why?

Summer is slowly saying goodbye, the leaves change colors and the temperature starts to go down. Before you get sad, remember that this means the time for autumn travels is here! What is that? Where should you go? Keep reading and I will answer those questions.


Milan – Top 6 Reasons to Visit the City

Second most populous city in Italy, home to one of the most popular Leonardo da Vinci’s works of art. A place that is a capital of art, fashion, food and business altogether. This combination can only mean one thing – Milan. Today, let’s take a closer look at the central city of Lombardy.

Movie Trip

Movie Trip – in the Footsteps of the Story

A movie can be special for many different reasons. Sometimes, the script is so good you can’t believe it. Another time, the actors take your breath away. Often, however, it is the location of the movie that is so beautiful, you dream of seeing it. We’re here to help you plan the perfect movie trip.


Rimini – More Than Just a Beach Resort

Many people associate Rimini only with its seaside resort and nightclubs. But this climatic city has so much more to offer than just the beach and the bars. Its history made it one of the most interesting places in Italy. So don’t get fooled by all the advertisements wanting you to only focus on one aspect of it. Discover true Rimini and don’t be afraid to fall in love.