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The Trail of Italian Wines

Who doesn’t love a glass of red after a long day at work? Wine has been a big part of our culture for millennia, especially in Europe. And few countries make as good wine as Italy. For Italians, it is not only the national drink but also a base of its cuisine. Italian wines are known for their quality and prestige. Vineyards over the centuries became a prominent part of its scenery. So today, we are taking you on a trip through its most famous wine regions.

Lago di Garda – Italy’s largest lake

If you’re looking for a dream-like destination, Lago di Garda may be the perfect place for you. It is the largest and the cleanest lake in Italy, meaning not only it is impressively large but also has wonderful, crystal-clear water you can dive into.     Located half way between Venice and Milan, surrounded by the peaks of Prealpi Gardesane it is simply a fairytale place. Each year, it attracts thousands of tourists that end up falling in love with this small piece of paradise.   Publius Vergilius Maro – known as Virgil wrote about Lake Garda in the “Georgics” (a masterpiece of Latin literature) saying it is a lake so large and impetuous it resembles the sea. And being 55 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide it may definitely seem so.     Around Lake Garda there are many tourist towns and resorts. Towns with historic buildings (historical town centers, former castles and fortresses) are perfect for history lovers.   With very well-developed pebble beaches with gentle descent to the lake it is a …