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Booking process

The Evolution of the Booking Process

The World is evolving at a rapid pace. It seems as if every aspect of our lives is changing, some more drastically than the others. It is obvious, that the hospitality industry is also adjusting to the modern society. Some would say the changes are dramatic. It has undeniably gone through a significant transformation. One of the aspects that changed the most is the booking process. Today we will discuss what are the modifications it underwent and what may be its future.

Rate Parity

Rate Parity Everything You Need to Know About It

Eliminating rate parity is currently one of the biggest challenges inside the hospitality industry. This unfair practice is currently depriving the hoteliers of direct bookings and making them feel powerless in the fight against the monopolists on the market. In today’s article, I will try to explain in detail what is the rate parity, where is it illegal and what might be its future.