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spring fatigue

Spring Fatigue – How to Deal With It?

Even though the winter is gone and everything comes back to life, many people are tired. Sleepy, without energy and stressed, we do not have the motivation or will to do anything. It is a very common syndrome in this time of year – spring fatigue. We want to tell you today how you can fight it and enjoy the weather.

Spectacular Gardens

Top 7 Spectacular Gardens to Visit

March is here and for the Northern part of the Globe, it means the end of winter. Whereas you are a snow-lover or you prefer the sunny weather, there is no way to avoid spring and the trees turning green. Today, we want to show you most spectacular gardens in the world.

The Spring in Europe

Spring is a wonderful time, and it is especially amazing in Europe. Today we decided to give you a few ideas for a trip during the month of May when the temperatures are mild and there are not too many tourists wandering the streets!   Gran Canaria, Spain It is hard to find a better place to rest. Gran Canaria has a mild subterranean climate favorable for leisure. The island is green during all days of the year, the average annual air temperature in Spring is 22ºC, and the sun is visible in the sky every day. Due to its favorable climate and sunny weather, it is simply perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Amateurs of various types of water sports: surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and even fishing have long appreciated the great conditions of the Atlantic surrounding the Canary Islands. On the sandy and pebbly beaches, sunbathing and bathing lovers can get well-deserved rest.   Rome, Italy The Eternal City is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, in terms of architecture, …

Best destinations for Spring in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country all year round, but there is something about Spring that makes it unusually beautiful. And since the “long weekend” is coming up in this gorgeous country we want to introduce you a few ideas for a spring tour around this wonderful country.   Tatry The highest mountains of Poland are by many considered the most beautiful ones. Not only there are many beautiful towns in the area of the Tatra Mountains (especially Zakopane, which attracts tourists 365 days a year), but the mountains themselves are absolutely gorgeous, especially in the spring when multicolored flowers are starting to blossom. Especially beautiful is Chochołowska Valley, where in May thousands of purple crocuses attract hundreds of tourists!     Kraków One of the most beautiful cities in Poland has been delighting visitors for ages, and in the spring it takes on some extraordinary charm that makes it even more beautiful. Wawel Castle, the Vistula river, the Main Market Square and all the small streets where you can get lost are captivating and put …