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Summer Food For Hot Weather

The sun is here to stay, and one thing we all need right now is summer food. We all know this feeling of not wanting to get anywhere near a warm meal. During the warmer months, it is the cold dishes we all desire. But salads can get a little bit boring, can’t they? So, in today’s post, I will talk about some of the best cold dishes from around the World!

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya – Perfect Summer Destination

Sun, beaches, ocean and cold drinks. Sounds like heaven? No, it’s just one of the most popular summer getaways. Lagoons and cities of Mexico’s eastern coast that invite you to bathe in the sun while forgetting all of your troubles, Mayan ruins that cannot be missed. Riviera Maya welcomes you all!

Lago di Garda – Italy’s largest lake

If you’re looking for a dream-like destination, Lago di Garda may be the perfect place for you. It is the largest and the cleanest lake in Italy, meaning not only it is impressively large but also has wonderful, crystal-clear water you can dive into.     Located half way between Venice and Milan, surrounded by the peaks of Prealpi Gardesane it is simply a fairytale place. Each year, it attracts thousands of tourists that end up falling in love with this small piece of paradise.   Publius Vergilius Maro – known as Virgil wrote about Lake Garda in the “Georgics” (a masterpiece of Latin literature) saying it is a lake so large and impetuous it resembles the sea. And being 55 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide it may definitely seem so.     Around Lake Garda there are many tourist towns and resorts. Towns with historic buildings (historical town centers, former castles and fortresses) are perfect for history lovers.   With very well-developed pebble beaches with gentle descent to the lake it is a …