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Five Golden Rules That You Need To Remember For Success

If you run a hotel you know people travel for all sorts of reasons. Some do it for business, this is travelling for necessity. Others do it for pleasure or just to get away from everything and recharge. Whatever the reason, it is your job as a hotelier to make sure they have a pleasant and memorable stay. This is in the hope that they will return or, at the very least, tell their friends about their stay and recommend your hotel. No matter the reason for your guests stay, if you implement these five rules and highlight them to your staff then you can at least maximise the chance of them returning and/or recommending. 1. People Buy From People No matter what business you are in, it remains true, especially today, that people buy from people. You could have the best rooms, the tastiest food and all the facilities under the sun, but if your guest encounters rude or impolite staff and just simply unhelpful staff, they will leave with a bad impression of the your hotel and …


An Elephant, a Goldfish and a Swan. Turning Around a Failing Hotel

You feel as if you are doing all you can to keep your revenue up for your hotel. You are advertising on OTA’s and across social media. You have invested in some training for your staff and you have applied a lot of advice you have read on the internet, or at least you think you have. So why is it then that your hotel still seems to struggle to make a profit? Or worse, it isn’t making a profit at all. So where are you going wrong? What else can you do? Why is nothing working? Here we will examine the process of turning around a failing business and what you need to be doing differently to make it happen.