The Hotel Room of the Future

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Technology is changing the World. It affects almost all aspects of our lives. That means, it also has an impact on the travel industry. I have already spoken about the possible future of hospitality, where I have briefly mentioned the concept of a smart hotel room. Today, I will expand on this idea and discuss the possibilities that lie ahead of us.

The Ambience

Creating the right ambience inside the room has always been the key to customer satisfaction. We can see its importance growing each year. The guest has to feel at home at your property. That is why more and more hotels let the travellers choose such features as the right temperature, humidity and lighting for their rooms.

We are all different and we like different environments. Thinking that everyone will be satisfied with the exact same service is dangerous. That is why it is important to personalize the experience for each guest. Technology makes it increasingly easier. With the right system, you don’t even have to do anything. You simply let the guest choose his preferences and let the machines do the rest.

Of course, in the future, those devices will be even more advanced. Guests will be able to automate everything, from the hour when the blinds should open, to the air circulation and the level of noise cancellation inside the room. Soon it will all be a matter of a click of a button.

The ambience is just the beginning. The hotel room of the future will allow the guests to personalize the entire experience.

We do realize that many of them are rather small, but for the purpose of this post, we will divide them into the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

The Automatization

The bedroom, as the centre of each hotel room, is especially important to the guests. That is why making it as comfortable as possible is and will always be the key.

So, how will it look like in the future? The automation and robotization instantly come in mind. Slowly but surely, every aspect of the hotel stay will become automatized. That means gesture and voice-control. You will be able to choose the softness of your bed, set the alarm clock or switch on the lights with just the sound of your voice. The door will open simply after scanning your eyes or your fingerprints. Your voice will be enough to manage the entire room. That will make the entire process more smooth and easier to manage.

Also, some nice touches will increase the overall satisfaction of guests. Today you can already find alarm clocks that wake you up with the freshly brewed coffee and that sound like the perfect touch for the hotel rooms. It is a simple yet impactful feature, and those will be even more prominent in the future.

The Virtual Reality?

Taking it a (rather large) step further will mean implementing artificial intelligence and virtual reality into the experience. Can it be the new normal for hotels? Some hoteliers are sceptical when discussing those subjects. It seems like the VR is meant for those who cannot go to their dream destinations, not those who are already there. But it can be used in many different ways.

So how can the virtual reality enhance the experience without ruining the authenticity that comes with travelling? Changing the room to the guest’s liking is one of the examples. That does not mean altering it completely. But changing the colour of the walls or adding some personal touches could be the cause. It could be especially helpful for the travellers who struggle when they are far from home. Making the room look more like their house could help them significantly.

It could also serve as a fantastic guide to the city. Showing the most important places in the location without the need to do an excessive research would be an enormous advantage. And all that may soon be possible.

It is important to look at the technical novelties with optimism rather than fear, as they will soon be our reality. Whether you choose to adopt it or not is entirely up to you, though. After all, what truly makes the hotel special is the staff and the atmosphere.


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