Top 5 Travel Blogs Around The World

The world of travel blogging is a busy one. There are now a lot of them out there for you to follow and read. It is important, if you are a budding travel blogger, to watch the best of the best and observe how they write and what they write about. If you just love to read them then this list is for you. So let’s dive in and explore what the travel blog world has to offer.

Nomad Revelations

Nomad Revelations • Adventure travel blog

This travel blog takes you destinations all over the globe. It is consistent with updating its content. The bloggers found on this site work hard to produce content covering the whole world, giving its’ readers all the information they could ask for when planning their next trip away. The unique perspective that this group of bloggers give their audience has helped to rapidly grow its popularity with ease.

Traveller Soul

The author of this travel blog is an award-winning writer and constant traveller called Karla.  Karla seems to take great care and attention when writing a host of topics that cover her experience of teaching English and studying abroad. This blog has increased in popularity quickly due to its diversity and its tendency to cater to a lot of different audiences.

Hippie in Heels

Hippie in Heels | A Travel Blog

The owner of this blog was one of the brave souls that decided to take the step of quitting her job and go into travel blogging full time. As an American travel blogger, she has written of experiences of living in India as well as travelling to many other destinations around the world.

India is also a major theme of this blog. As another writer of her many adventures in India, it serves as another inspirational blog if you are planning to visit India at any time in the future.  This has also been something that has attracted high numbers as well as the quality of the content she produces. You can find her across many social media outlets, which has also helped her to keep her audience numbers high.

Marcin Wesolowski


The owner of this blog is Polish and although he writes in Polish, with the translate button you will enjoy reading his blog regardless. As an experienced traveller and someone that has grown within the hospitality and travel industry first as a hotel manager and then moving into the world of OTA’s at working in operations. Marcin brings a unique perspective to his blog posts which always makes it an informative and interesting read.

Expert Vagabond


Expert Vagabond is run by a man named Mathew. You will find a whole host of inspiration in his blog posts. Whatever it is that he has chosen to write about, Mathew has a lot to say to inspire your travels if you are willing to pay attention. This travel blog is one of the most popular blogs on the internet, it is uique in its own right and highly informative at the same time. If you plan to become a travel blogger Matthew offers up some great tips. Great writing and put across in just the right way.

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