Spectacular Gardens

Top 7 Spectacular Gardens to Visit

March is here and for the Northern part of the Globe, it means the end of winter. Whereas you are a snow-lover or you prefer the sunny weather, there is no way to avoid spring and the trees turning green. Today, we want to show you most spectacular gardens in the world.

Gardens of Versailles

The French wonder, set up in XVIIth century, quickly became the main example of a true royal residency. The spectacular gardens that spread over 800 hectares, the beautiful palace, the Grand Canal, all of them are one of the reasons to visit France in the warmer time of the year. The gardens consist of the Orangerie with its tropical trees, the numerous fountains, the Canal and other sites. You could ask what is so special about them? The problem could be putting the beauty of the place into words. We can simply recommend going there, walking around the palace with the sun shining and birds chirping. Also, if you plan on going to Paris or somewhere where it is possible for you to see the Versailles, check whether you’ll have a chance of seeing the fountain water show. A truly incredible experience that we want to recommend to everyone.

Wilanów Gardens

The baroque residence of the king Jan III Sobieski, Wilanów Palace and Gardens are a magnificent place all citizens know. Not only does the place bring many tourists, but also it attracts the Varsovians, who want to escape the city. After King Jan III Sobieski’s death, next owners kept on expanding and rebuilding the spectacular gardens around the palace. That is why today while taking a walk around them, you will be able to see the two-level baroque garden, the neo-renaissance rose garden and two landscape parks – English and English-Chinese. Thanks to that the Wilanów Gardens are a rather rare spot to see the differences between those styles in one place. Our recommendation? Go for a walk and sit on a bench by the river. It will calm you down in a way nothing in the city ever will.

Spectacular Gardens

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Moving to Asia, we would like to put the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden on your bucket list. One of the youngest on the list opened only 38 years ago, it enchants with its tropical plants and magnificent beauty. Originally, the owners of the land wanted to develop it for a fruit plantation but changed their mind. They decided to plant the tropical trees and plants and make the land a wildlife conservation project. Right now, the garden is not only a tourist spot but also a big scientific centre with a focus on the cycads. What’s more, the garden has not yet been completed and right now is spreading over 500 acres. Also, the place is used for elephant shows, conferences and more. We truly think that if you are a fan of nature, you should definitely check this place, as it is a winner of numerous awards and one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Keukenhof Gardens

Going back to Europe, we have one of the world’s largest flower gardens – Keukenhof. It is located in the Netherlands, the country of flowers. Originally, the grounds of Keukenhof had been the place of flower hybrids’ exhibition. That was supposed to help the Netherlands’ flower export in 1949. Now, the visitors can see over 7 million flowers growing on the 32 hectares of the garden. We recommend checking the date of the Flower Parade, as it is the most spectacular day of the year for the Keukenhof – the parade with the flower statues. Be careful, however, because to enter the Keukenhof Gardens you need to be in Lisse between mid-March and mid-May. Another interesting fact? Keukenhof is the largest garden in the world, where people themselves plant the flowers every year. Did we convince you?

Spectacular Gardens

Kew Gardens

London is not only the industrial capital of Europe. It is also a home to one of the biggest botanic garden in the world. Kew Gardens are a magnificent tourist attraction and a botanic science centre all in one. Not only will you find thousands of different plants there, but also a herbarium with millions of plant specimens and a grand library. The tourist attraction in these spectacular Gardens? We can recommend the Treetop Walkway that will take you for 200 metres long walk 18 metres above the ground. The corridor is covered with perforated metal and it swings with the wind. Another attraction worth mentioning is the Sackler Crossing Bridge built in 2006 directly above the lake in the Gardens. Also, if you are interested, you may find a compost heap, which the tourists have no access to, but they can use the platform near to look at it going through its’ cycles. We recommend the Kew Gardens especially because of their beautiful collection of plants and the magnificent library.  

Gardens by the Bay

Now, let’s talk about the spectacular garden of Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is a complex of futuristic gardens that follow the Singaporean idea to create a city in the garden. The Gardens consist of two parts: The South Bay and The East Bay. In the Gardens you may also see two conservatories, the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. Both of them are next to each other, they are also divided inside. The Flower Garden consists of seven different gardens with numerous Medittarean plants inside them. The Cloud Forest, on the other hand, is the tall building that has numerous levels with different themes. However, what the Gardens are the most known for is the Supertree Grove. It is a space with tree-like constructions that is actually the Gardens’ engine. The vertical gardens are so globally recognizable that creators of the blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” used it as an inspiration for one of the planets in the film.

Spectacular Gardens

Desert Botanical Garden

This Garden differs from the others because it doesn’t collect all of the plants from all of the different climates. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona is a place that collects different types of plants that you can see while walking around the desert or in that type of climate. The garden, or a museum, offers a few options for visitors. The three most important ones? Desert Discovery Trail, Plants & People of the Sonoran Desert Trail and Sonoran Desert Nature Trail. First one allows the visitors to get to know all of the different types of plants of this climate from around the world. Plants & People Trail will familiarize you with the ways people used these plants for food, construction, basket making, etc. The third one, Sonoran Desert Nature, will take your breath away with the view of the mountains, deserts, plants and animal altogether. We recommend this place fully as it is a magnificent occasion to get to know the flora of the place that doesn’t necessarily bring to mind the picture rich in different plants.

As you can see, there are many places in the world which will allow you to experience nature and the beauty of it. Wherever you are, we are sure that during travels you will be glad to see one of the places we talked about. At the end of the day sometimes all we need is to sit under a tree and just contemplate.

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