Top 7 Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is officially here. While it is one of the most romantic days of the year, it can cause problems. Everything you look at while gift-shopping is perfect, but you can’t choose the best gift? We are here you to help you with it. What do you say to Valentine’s Day trip?


The Eternal City is the historical and cultural cradle of European civilization, but also an incredibly romantic city. You can check both of these aspects of Rome and book your trip for the days around Valentine’s Day. While you will spend a couple of days sightseeing, this specific day will probably be unforgettable. The magical atmosphere of Rome can make every moment feel like a movie. A walk around the Trevi Fountain, a short coffee break near the magnificent Spanish Steps or famous Italian gelato in the middle of sightseeing – these are just the ideas for making your Valentine’s Day amazing.

Valentine's Day, Rome


The City of Love. You could say it is a pretty obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, but there is something in Paris that makes your heart go faster. Is it the magnificent Eiffel Tower in the evening, a walk on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the beauty of the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the atmosphere of history that surrounds the Louvre? We think it’s everything mixed together. The city, even though it’s really big, is full of small streets with tiny cafes. The author’s recommendation? Try one of the tiny restaurants near the Montmartre. You can have a romantic date while looking at breathtaking views of the city. We are sure that Paris is a perfect spot for a short getaway for you and your other half.

Valentine's Day, Paris


Are you and your partner huge fans of winter sports? If so, then you should definitely check out Aspen. Winter wonderland of celebrities, known globally for being the best place for year-long outdoor activities. Just imagine spending Valentine’s Day skiing all day and finishing the day with the cup of hot chocolate, mulled wine or different kind of comfort food. Not a fan of sports? Aspen is also a great place for slow walks around the town and outside of it. When you go back from your activities, you can spend the evening on the couch watching a movie, cook something together, or go out to one of the beautiful restaurants in the town.

If you’re looking for a place like this, but in Europe, we recommend Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. The two towns, actually, have been cooperating since 1966.

Valentine's Day, Aspen


Now let’s look at some more tropical places. First one – Tahiti. If the name of the place does not sound familiar, don’t worry – the picture will. Tahiti is the place that offers their visitors a stay in overwater bungalows. Imagine taking a week off to spend Valentine’s Day in that incredible place. Not only you will literally stay just over the ocean, you can also try diving, check out the local Tahitian market, shop for Tahitian pearl and Manoi oil. Don’t forget about all of the swimming in the ocean and sunbathing that you will be able to do. We really recommend that destination if you are a fan of tropical beaches and truly romantic islands.

Valentine's Day, Tahiti


We told you already a lot about the Brasilian carnival, but if you like partying, you can actually make a perfect combo – spend Valentine’s Day in the heart of carnival! Dance with people on the street, see all of the parades, go to a bar and if you’re tired, you can always find some small restaurants that will allow you to get some rest during this time. Another argument for choosing Brasil – February is actually the middle of summer and the hottest month of the year there. So, if you live in Europe and just want to get warm this Valentine’s Day, Brasil and its beauty will be a perfect choice.

Valentine's Day, Brazil


This Valentine’s Day option is for more adventurous couples. You don’t like spending days on the beach, you aren’t in the mood for winter sports and prefer wilderness to crowded cities? Safari seems to be perfect for you. It is said by some people that if you consider yourself an adventurous traveller, safari should be high on your wish-list. Spending days under the sun and nights under stars, getting close to African nature, seeing all of the animals is something really appealing. It is also not difficult to get there. If you catch the overnight flight from London to Nairobi, you will b in the jungle in time for brunch. How is it possible? Kenya’s tourism is based on safaris and government invest in it a lot of money. We recommend African safaris if you are a wild soul and long for an adventure of a lifetime.

Valentine's Day, Kenya


Last but not least, the historic city in southern Poland – Krakow. Compared to other cities mentioned in this post this one is the smallest, but the beauty of it is impeccable. The Old Town and the Main Square are full of pretty restaurants, romantic streets and tiny cafes. Perfect Valentine’s Day date spots? For us, it would be either the restaurant on top of the Cloth Hall or one of the restaurants located on the Vistula River. The first option, located on Main Square, gives you the magnificent view of Krakow’s signature monument – St. Mary’s Church. The second one – the view of the Wawel Castle. Both of them look magnificent in the dark with all the lights surrounding them. If you just want to walk around the city though, you can always go to Jewish District and through the Bernatka Bridge, the Krakow’s most romantic spot. Not only you also see the Wawel castle, but you can leave a padlock with you and your partner’s names on it there to remember. There are hundreds of padlocks on this bridge, left as a symbol of everlasting love.

Valentine's Day, Krakow

While Valentine’s Day is just once a year, we encourage you to try all of these destinations, not only for this occasion. Each of them is beautiful and appealing in its own way. We are sure that everyone would find something for themselves on this list. Have you seen one of those places? Or maybe you have your own favourite place? Let us know!

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