Top Places To See In Kraków

Today we are talking about the many wonders of Kraków!

Since one of our offices is located in this gorgeous city we thought we will give you a list of our top 5 places to see in Kraków!



Simply a must-see when visiting the city. This impressive complex consisting of many building and fortifications was being extanded throughout the years starting from the XI century.

It is a place of great significance for Polish people where many legends originated. The former house of the kings it not only is historically important but also absolutely beautiful. The most important parts are the Castle and the Cathedral. With many chambers, gorgeous gardens and a wonderful location of the Wawel hill it is one of the favourite places in Kraków not just for the tourists but also for the locals.

After visting the complex you can sit by the Vistula river and admire it from there. It is especially beautiful in Spring and Summer, but you can visit it all-year round,


Kazimierz (Jewish District)

This wonderfully colorful and interesting part of the city will make you fall in love with Kraków. Now one of its ditricts for centuries used to be an independent city. Its boundaries are defined by an old island in the Vistula river.

It used to be a very important place for the jewish community. The oldest synagogue building standing in Poland was built in Kazimierz.

Now the district is well known for many charming little streets, fantastic graffiti art and plenty great pubs, cafes and restaurants, each different and all special.

It is not only a perfect place for sightseeing but also to hang out with friends and family and have a great time!


Main Square

Of course a visit to Kraków would not be complete without a walk around the Main Square. It is the principal urban space located at the center of the city and dates all the way back to the XIII century.

It is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe and definitely one of the most beautiful ones as well!

In the center of the square there is an impressive Cloth Hall where still today people sell souvenirs such as clothes, amber and many many more. On the side of the Cloth Hall there is a Town Hall Tower and nearby the Church of St. Albert from the 10th century as well as the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, one of the most important polish authors.

Rising above it all is the St. Mary’s Basilica, a wonderful gothic building and most probably the most famous church in the country.

There are also plenty streets going from the square, each pretty, each worth walking through!



Located on the right bank of the Vistula river it also used to be a free city, now however just like Kazimierz it is one of the city’s districts and in our opinion definitely one of its most beautiful treasures.

While many people focus only on the Old Town and Kazimierz they miss out on the beauty of Podgorze, with wonderful St. Joseph’s church, the impressive podgórze City Hall as well as many gorgeous little streets and parks scattered all around the district.

And while Podgórze may not be the most impressive part of the city it is absolutely charming and also less busy, so it is a perfect place for all of the travellers who need some peace and quiet!


The Mounds

Lastly we have to mention the mounds of Kraków. The city has plenty of them but the most important ones are the Krakus Mound in Podgórze (it was actually the oldest man-made structure in the district), the Kościuszko Mound, erected in commemoration of the Polish national leader Tadeusz Kościuszko and the Piłsudski Mound established in honor of Józef Piłsudski.

The reason why we decided to place the mounds on our list is the magnificent view of the city each of them offers. While other points on our list are beautiful themselves, the mounds allow you to have a look at the city and enjoy all of its beauty!

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