Polish Seaside

The Travel Guide to the Polish Seaside

Polish Seaside has always been a popular summer destination for Poles. Many tourists know places like the Tri-City. However, they are often not aware of the many hidden gems scattered around the Baltic Sea’s shore. Today I will focus on all the smaller, yet charming cities in this region of the country.


One of the towns on the Baltic shore is Ustka. It lies in the middle of the region and is a very popular tourist destination. And no wonder! It has some of the most gorgeous beaches, allowing for hours or even days of relaxation.

Ustka also has many fantastic places to discover. One of the most popular of them is the Ustka Lighthouse. It is a beautiful piece of architecture, consisting of an octagonal tower and a building for the lighthouse keepers. You can observe the system of lenses through the gallery glass when walking up the tower.

Another great place, typical of the towns and villages in this part of the country is the seaside promenade. It is a great place for long walks but also finding souvenirs or a nice bar. Ustka also has some fantastic hotels, like the Hotel Royal Baltic!



One of the best locations of the Polish Seaside for families is the city of Międzyzdroje. It is a gorgeous, modern resort in the Western part of the region. It is a very safe place, with great sandy beaches, lots of restaurants and cafes and cute little streets.

The area has beach, dunes, peat bogs but also cliffs and moraine hills. While the city is rather small, with less than 70 streets, it has a charm to it that will make you enjoy every second spent there. Historic buildings, Spa Park and great hotels like the Golden Tulip Residence. The 395 metres long concrete pier with a marina for coastal shipping is also a fantastic place to wide down after a long day of swimming!


On the Hel Peninsula lies the city of Jastarnia. As all of the cities on this list, it is a small place, with less than 3000 inhabitants. It is a seaside resort with five summer sea-bathing areas, a seaport and three marinas. That means plenty of space to enjoy the Polish seaside to the fullest.

The oldest traces of human habitation in this territory date back to the first century BC! Up until the 20th century, it was a fishermen’s village. Today, it is actually primarily a tourist destination. It was also recognized by the government as a place with conditions for health resort treatment. Thanks to that healing institutions could be opened here.



Another coastal settlement is Jurata. It actually lies in the Jastarnia commune and was once a part of that city. Today it is a separate entity and a holiday resort with a summer sea bathing area.
It was founded in 1928, so it is a new city. However, during its short life, it has become a popular holiday destination. It is said that famous Polish artist, Wojciech Kossak painted some of his most popular works in Jurata. Their names “Marriage of Poland with the Sea” and “On the Guard of the Polish Sea” say a lot about the ambience of this place.



Yet another Polish seaside resort on the Hel Peninsula is Chałupy. It was also once a fishermen’s village (we can all see a trend among those locations!). Today it is a popular summer destination for the Poles. It is also known for great windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. You can practice both sports there in one of the specialized centres.

And if you don’t like watersports, you can still enjoy the area. With a lovely beach and many bathing areas, it is perfect for those long summer swims. The beach in Chałupy in nice and clean, making it safe for families with children. It is also not overly crowded, which is almost always a plus!


Lastly, I would like to talk about Łeba. What makes it special, and essentially made me put it on this list, is its landscape. The area has many wide sandy beaches with constantly heaped dunes. There are even moving dunes there. A very rare phenomenon in Europe. Mobile dunes enter the area of the Słowiński National Park, which was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve.
There are also other attractions in the area, like the largest dinosaur park in Poland, the Łeba Park, as well as a rope park and butterfly exhibition. It is not only a charming city but also a fantastic summer destination!


Poland has so much to offer for those seeking a summer escape. All you need to do is give it a chance and be blown away but what you will find!

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