Your Guide to Travelling in the UK on a Budget

Travel in the UK on a budget

The United Kingdom is known to be one of the most costly countries to live in, as well as one of the most expensive places to visit. But, here are a few ways to travel in the UK on a budget and still have an amazing time.

How to travel in the UK on a budget? Best tips & ideas

The off-season is your friend

Most tourists choose to travel during spring and summer months, when the holiday season is in full swing, and the weather is sunny and warm. Take note though: this period is also the most expensive one. So, if you’re travelling in the UK on a budget, it’s best to go on a trip during the off-season. Less tourists mean that hotel rates and prices for local attractions are lower, and you can get more value out of your money. The best months for travel are January to March and September to November. Sure, it’ll be a bit colder, but you’ll avoid the crowds during your stay. Plus, you’ll get to see the United Kingdom in its natural, rainy habitat.

How to travel in the UK on a budget?

Book everything in advance

If you’ve ever had to take a last-minute flight or train, then you know how expensive it can be. That’s why, while planning your UK trip on a budget, it’s best to book everything in advance. Many companies offer a limited number of tickets at much lower prices and allow customers to take advantage of attractive promotions. Thanks to earlier booking, you will save not only a lot of cash, but you’ll also be able to thoroughly prepare your journey and create a helpful schedule, which will allow you to visit all the must-see places on your list.

Join Bidroom for more discounts

One of the most challenging parts of visiting the UK on a budget is finding a comfortable and affordable place to sleep. You can look for it on your own, but it’s much better to use the help of platforms designed for travel lovers like Bidroom.
Based on your chosen dates, desired destination, and the number of people who you’ll be staying with, you can search and find hotels suited to your preferences on To even better match your needs, use the available filters to quickly find options that are a better fit for your requirements. Book verified hotels and save up to 25% compared to other popular booking sites.

Eat away from the tourist attractions

Next to accommodation, another part of staying in the UK that can be quite expensive is food. If you want to enjoy delicious meals but save money, look for restaurants, pubs and cafés located away from the city centre or any other major tourist attractions. The prices in places like these will be much lower as they’re more suited to locals, and you’ll come across fewer tourists as well. For traditional English dishes like the famous fish and chips, visit a local pub or a more popular and affordable chain like Wetherspoons. Of course, as the UK is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, you can also taste delicious international food. You’ll have no problem in finding wonderful Chinese, Indian, or Middle Eastern restaurants at a great price.

Choose free attractions

The UK is full of museums, monuments and other must-see places, most of which can be seen completely for free. While travelling in the UK on a budget, you can fill up most of your days with visiting a wide range of free attractions. Remember, almost all museums in the UK grant free admission, so you can browse them without having to spend money on an entrance ticket.
Those institutions include popular attractions like the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Bradford Industrial Museum, Cumberland House Natural History Museum, British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, The National Football Museum, and many more. Art, history, science, sport, fashion—no matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find a museum that catches your attention for many hours to come.

Travelling in the UK on a budget

Join a free walking tour

Most major cities in the UK offer a large variety of free walking tours with a number of different providers. On a free walking tour, you get to learn more about a city’s history from passionate tour guides while saving money in the process.
Fans of Lord of the Rings should visit Birmingham, where JRR Tolkien lived in his youth. The city offers a free tour that follows the author’s footsteps and shows the places that inspired the lands of Middle-earth. In Edinburgh, on the other hand, you can walk along The Potter Trail, which visits various locations that sparked the author’s imagination in writing the ever-popular Harry Potter series.

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