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Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Krakow

Vegetarian/Vegan Food

Krakow is famous for a lot of things. The architecture, Jazz, Pierogi (dumplings), the diversity and the wonderful multicultural environment to name but a few. But did you know that Krakow offers a whole host of options for vegetarians and vegans looking for delicious food served fresh daily, at good prices and sometimes with an unexpected twist. Here I will try to outline and highlight the best places to eat as a Vegetarian and/or Vegan.

The Main Square (Rynek Główny)

The main square in Krakow is packed with restaurants and bars some of which serve 1-3 vegetarian dishes but none that are dedicated to serving vegetarian and vegan food. However, just off the delight of the main square, you will find many hidden treasures to delight your taste buds. Let’s take a look at what you can find around the square.

Vegetarian/Vegan Food

Vege To Tu

A popular and well loved place Vege To Tu, for locals, generally know their menu back to front. With really affordable prices attached to some amazing dishes, made from fresh and local produce (wherever possible of course) This a veggie street food done well and served by smiling people all day long. There is also a bistro version in the Jewish district.


is a takeaway / eat in burger restaurant with a difference. With six different patties to choose from you will never get bored with the combinations Krowarzywa can offer you. You can also take it as a salad or as a kebab and they offer hot-dogs too. The best part of it all? It is all Vegan!


Traditionally a lot of Asian cuisine is vegetarian, but if you pop into Ganesh for a taste of India you will not be disappointed. Underground in a basement area, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Add the mouth watering array of dishes and you have a perfect combination for an evening meal with a difference.

Cupcake Corner

Although this small chain of cupcake cafes are not strictly vegetarian or vegan, they do offer veggie and vegan options daily. Combine their amazing coffee or fresh juices with the well done, light and airy decor, Cupcake Corner will not disappoint you when you are looking for a quick snack and a sit down to rest your tired legs.

The Jewish District (Kazimierz)

Vegetarian/Vegan Food


This is a small place in the heart of Kazimierz. They are completely mad about their Vegan sushi and this is reflected by their availability. Youmiko is always booked out so calling and booking is advised to avoid disappointment.


Here you will find a 100% plant based cuisine. From burgers served in homemade buns, filling soups and other dishes, to hummus with their signature pickles and crackers. Mihiderka also serves sweets like Tofu cheesecake in a choice of flavours. A good one for everyone to check out.


This is a place you should definitely go to check out in the Jewish district. It is full of unique flavours and also serves as a Jewish Culture Festival hotspot; you can expect plenty of interesting events, workshops and lectures. Cheder also boasts the ‘best hummus in town’ so make sure you go down to check this out and if you are a bleisure traveller then it is also a good place to get some work done too.

Out and about around town

There are also a lot of others, in fact too many to mention them all in this quick guide. I have tried to pick out some that are highly recommended or I have been to myself in order to give you an overview.

Vegetarian/Vegan Food


Ranked on TripAdvisor as the ‘Best vegetarian/vegan restaurant’ in Krakow Vegab is a must for a quick and easy taste of veggie delight. We all like to munch on a kebab at the end of a hard day or after a heavy nights drinking, and this place can you give you that completely meat free. Coming in many varieties and tastes the kebabs are to die for. They also serve vegan hot dogs and delicious cakes daily.


Veganic is located in the new Dolnych Młynów area this is a restaurant that will not disappoint. Creating incredible dishes and extracting intense flavours for your pallet to experience this is a classy restaurant in a new hip area and offers you everything you could want for a nice lunch or a romantic dinner for two.

Pod Norenami

Their menu at Pod Norenami is broader than almost all other places on this list put together. Everything they make is truly awesome. They are regarded as Krakow’s Far-Eastern / Asian cuisine champs and they will not disappoint. With a menu that contains ‘beef’ and ‘chicken’ dishes, there is no meat in sight and will always delight.


Yep, that’s right, this place actually exists. Cakester is a magical place that offers you deliciously indulgent cakes and breakfasts. Dedicated to healthy, balanced eating as well as to pleasure and flavour, these guys take everything you normally associate with eating something delicious and blow it right out of the water.

Vegetarian/Vegan Food

So for all your vegetarian and vegan needs, Krakow can offer you it all. From full meals to street food, to take away awesomeness, Krakow has become a place for any veggie or vegan to put on their map of places to go. Enjoy! 

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