Work remotely and travel

7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Work From Home Setup With a Workation

This year, a new word has been added to our popular vocabulary. Also sometimes called a work-cation, workoliday, even strangely constructed “woliday,” a workation is exactly how it sounds—a blend of work and vacation, or a working holiday.

The workation trend

To anyone with the option to work remotely, the benefits of taking a workation are hard to pass up. Until 2019, the image of working on a laptop with an scenic background view was almost exclusively associated with a digital nomad lifestyle. But, after navigating lockdowns and company-wide rush-transitions to remote work in 2020, now a large portion of businesses have integrated the option for remote work into their official policies. 

Some big-name companies like Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook have even made permanent adjustments to include a remote work approach for the majority of their employees.

Working from a holiday destination isn’t just about the glistening sea sparkling through your window as you check your inbox in the morning (well, okay, it kind of is). Gorgeous views aside, both you and your work can benefit significantly from a workation. 


7 reasons to turn your remote work setup into a workation

1. You’ll still have all the essentials you were used to in office life (and a lot of luxuries you didn’t)

From sturdy work stations built for hours of tapping away on your laptop, access to an eternal flow of coffee, conference rooms made available when needed, all the way to a strong wifi connection that won’t quit. Many hotels offer a large variety of beautifully designed spaces that you can move through depending on your mood and preferences, from a spot at the bar, to a quieter lounge zone, and everything in between. In many ways, hotels served as the original version of coworking spaces—it was common to see people in suits with laptops flipped open while enjoying a meal in the restaurant.

2. You’ll increase your productivity

As digital nomads are 13% more productive than their in-office counterparts, it turns out employers also see the benefit in their employees working abroad. Being able to work in a space tailored to individual needs and preferences, as well as having uninterrupted blocks of time during the day, all means that people are not only more productive and comfortable at work, but they’re also much more willing to occasionally put in extra hours get things done.

3. You’ll grow personally and professionally

For Monika, one of our employees working in quality assurance, her workation is about much more than the sun, the less-crowded attractions, and the leisure. Over her month of travelling the Canary Islands, Italy, and Croatia, she really believes the experience has helped her to grow in more ways than one. Her stress levels are lower, her mood has improved thanks to the good weather and sunshine, and escaping her home country for a little while helped with the negativity of 2020.

4. Your mental health will thank you

Feeling the winter blues coming on? Getting overwhelmed by work, or finding it tough to keep up with office politics? Maybe you could use a breath of fresh air from the home-to-office routine you’ve become so used to; something to remind you that life is for living, and not just working and commuting.

5. You’ll relax, without having to take time off work

Many hotels have amenities that let’s face it—most of us simply just don’t have at work or home. Ditch the communal shower, pool table, and stiff massage chairs in favour of the hotel pool, steam room, and sauna—where you can unwind after a day of hard work, without even going outside. The more you use those precious after work hours to unwind and recharge, the more you go into your working hours feeling fulfilled, refreshed, and focused.

6. You’ll explore new places (again, without having to take time off work)

Exchange predictable commutes for lengthy walks in an unfamiliar city; explore different districts and restaurant recommendations; try your hand at leisure photography; or broaden your horizons by meeting locals and doing a deep-dive into your local culture. Become friends with the barista at that coffee shop you frequent daily, or do some research on where to go and what to see.

7. You’ll support the travel and hospitality industries

With the year we’ve had, knowing there’s still an audience of travel lovers out there who want to travel will give many hotels a light at the end of the tunnel and help keep them in business, as many face a slow recovery.

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