World’s most beautiful ruins

Often we focus too much on the “now”, forgetting about the past and what it gave us.

So today we will take you on a journey to the past and show you some of the most beautiful ruins in the World!

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Still to this day they are a source of many wild theories since people simply can’t believe that our ancestors could erect such incredible and big monuments thousands of years ago. Once used as graves for the monarchy nowadays they are a symbol of Egypt.




Machu Picchu, Peru

These ruins are on nearly every traveler’s “to see” list. Located 2090-2400 meters above the sea level they are not easy to get to, but the effort pays off since the view of the ancient city will take your breath away.




Ta Prohm, Cambodia

It is the modern name of one of the temples located in the Angkor Wat complex near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Built around XII century not only is it a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site List but for all the movie lovers out there it is also the famous temple from the Lara Croft movie!




Acropolis, Athens

This located in Athens limestone hill with a relative height of 90 m was once a fortified hill, only later the Acropolis became a place of worship. Nowadays it is the most famous site in Greece.




The Colosseum, Rome

When we think of Rome, we usually picture The Colosseum, an ancient arena for the gladiators’ fights. Its brutal history doesn’t lower its popularity as nearly every tourist in Rome feels obligated to see it!




Stonehenge, England

One of Europe’s most famous megalithic monuments, from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Most likely it was associated with the worship of the Moon and the Sun.




Petra, Jordan

It is located in a rocky valley, to which leads only one narrow road among the rocks named As-Sik. Petra is famous for its numerous stone-cut structures. It is a truly impressive monument and definitely one worth seeing!




While “becoming a ruin” signifies something bad it often adds character to a location making it one in a million spots on the map of the World!


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