Your Guide to Events in Europe in 2022

Life has started to get back to ‘normal’ in many places around the world, and we don’t know about you, but at Bidroom we’re ready to emerge from our cocoons. It’s time to get back into travel and experiences with a bang, so we’ve compiled a list of the best events happening around Europe in 2022.  

  1. Grab your mask and experience the Carnival of Venice in Italy.
    12th of February to 1st of March
  1. Have a pint, wear your shamrocks, and watch the parade on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
    17th of March
  1. Wake up and smell the roses at Keukenhof: Amsterdam’s Tulip & Flower Festival in the Netherlands.
    24th of March to 15th of May
  1. Get some gardening tips and tricks at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, England.
    24th of May to Saturday 28th of May
  2. Have a bop to some techno at Ultra-Europe in Split, Croatia
    July of 8th to July of 10th
  1. Experience some authentic folk music at Zagreb Folk Festival in Croatia.
    Mid July
  2. Listen to some incredible folk music artists from across the UK at Cambridge Folk Festival in England.
    28th of July to 31st of July
  3. Join the “playground for beer connoisseurs” at Berlin Craft Beer Festival in Germany.
    2nd of September to 11th of September
  1. Enjoy music and culture at Sziget Festival in Hungary.
    10th of August to 15th of August
  1. Head to a beer tent at Oktoberfest in Germany.
    17th of September to 3rd of October
  2. Soak up art, satire, and tradition at Valencia Las Fallas in Spain.
    3rd of February to 19th of March
  3. Dive into poetry, spoken word, and more at York Literature Festival in England
    18th of March to 27th of March
  1. Absorb some art at Art Basel in New York, Hong Kong, Miami Beach, and virtual events.
    16th of June to 19th of June
  2. Participate in “The World’s Biggest Food Fight” at La Tomatina, Spain.
    31st of August
  3. Experience street food and craft beer at Craft Beer Festival Helsinki, Finland. 
    30th of June to 2nd of July
  1. Immerse yourself in the art of light at Festival of Lights Berlin, Germany.
    7th of October to 16th of October
  2. Taste the best sweets in Italy at The Festival of Torrone in Cremona.
    12th of November to 20th of November
  1. Light up your life at GLOW Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
    12th of November to 19th of November
  2. Tantalize your taste buds at Csaba Sausage Festival in Hungary
    22nd of October to 25th of October
  1. Sip on some delicious grapes at Budapest International Wine Festival, Hungary.
    8th of September to 11th of September
  1. Witness the Cherry blossoms blooming at Mount Yoshino, Japan. 
    22nd of March to Early April
  1. Celebrate Diwali in Jaipur, India. 

Monday 24th October

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