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No commission it means better deals— for you and for your guests

Keep both your control and your money

Our model allows you to keep both your control and your money. You set your discount level, you decide which complimentary perks our members get - and best of all, you can change it anytime.

Consistently bringing new benefits

We give you exclusive and reduced rates on a number of products and services, including hotel management software, online check-in solutions, and access to the hospitality educational platform. We always have new benefits— so we can treat you as well as you treat your own guests.

All revenue & upselling are 100% yours

No conflict with rate parity clauses in a private booking environment

The more discount and perks the better position for your hotel visibility

Change and update your offer any time you want, without contacting us

Pay one simple fee — and only if we deliver

Instead of paying commission on every booking, you make one flat membership payment per year.

You only make your annual payment if a minimum of 1,500 EUR in revenue has been reached.

Fees are due at the end of the year, so they're easier to budget.

Property size

107 rooms

Revenue delivered


Annual fee: 1500

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Access to our guest data is yours

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We connect our member base of frequent and reliable travel lovers to your hotel. You control your bookings and get in direct contact with your guest.

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