Frequently Asked Questions for Hotels

What is Bidroom?

What do I get by joining Bidroom?

Do I have to sign a contract to join?

I’d like to join Bidroom. What charges are associated with adding my hotel?

What channel managers are supported by Bidroom?

I’d like to make my hotel available on How do I join?

What information do I need to provide in order to create an account?

What about the rate parity clause in my contract with a different booking platform?

Once I join, how long does my membership stay valid for?

Can I edit the information or photos on my hotel page?

How do I know which discount settings to set up?

How do I receive bookings?

I’ve lost my hotel login information. How can I restore my access to the hotel administration panel?

I’ve received a booking request from one of your members. How can I contact them?

Feel free to drop an email to our support gurus

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