Why Bidroom?

It's time to bring back the story of the hospitality industry to its main characters: hotels and their guests.

Do you also want to be a game changer? Enter Bidroom:

  • Commission-free bookings
  • Risk-free membership
  • Direct contact with guests
  • Clean, minimalist interface
  • Beneficial partnerships (like Visa)

How does it work?

Bidroom has a unique technology that scans the major OTA’s rates in real-time.

Our founders launched bidroom.com after having countless conversations with hoteliers and hearing that they were extremely frustrated with paying high commission and having no control over their revenue and communication with their guests. We want to change that and make the market a fairer place for hotels and their guests.

The concept of Bidroom brings fairness to the hospitality industry. We are a bridge connecting the hotels to their guests directly, giving control back to the hotels and the best prices possible to our members.

We support fair practices

We don't hijack your brand on search engines and we don't make you sign rate parity agreements.

We never outbid your accommodation in search engines, we promote you instead.

More than just an OTA, we are an OTC (online travel community)

We started Bidroom because we believe everyone deserves a fair deal and the current booking websites do not offer this.

By charging commission, which is getting increasingly higher and can be anything up to 30% in some places, they ensure significantly lower margins for you, ensuring only themselves higher margins. Bidroom gives us all the chance to stop this. Take the initiative and become a ''game changer''!

Main OTA’s
Commission NO - Membership fee up to 25%
Private Environment YES NO
Brand-hijacking NO YES
Contract Flexibility YES NO
Rate Parity Clause NO YES
Administration / setup Minimal YES

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we are as easy as sites like Facebook. Just create your account, upload your pictures, agree to the terms and conditions (see here) and you are ready to start receiving bookings. It really is that simple!

Are you convinced now?

Fill in the registration form. You will receive an activation link soon hereafter.

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