Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bidroom?
How do I use Bidroom?
Why do I need a membership to book a hotel? There are so many public booking sites I can use instead.
What extras do I get with my membership?
I have a promo code. How can I use it?
How can I update my personal information?
How can I cancel my membership?
How do I search for hotels?
I’ve found a hotel I love! How does the booking process work?
Why am I asked to provide credit card details to make a reservation?
I’ve completed my hotel reservation. When and how will I be charged?
What happens with my credit card information?
How can I make a special request? I’d like an extra bed in my room, a bottle of wine, and a room with a view.
How can I manage my booking?
I need to cancel my reservation. What should I know?
I need to cancel my reservation. Is there a cancellation fee?

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